iPhones Could be Manufactured in India by Tata Group: Report 

Apple announced the iPhone 14 series during the Far Out event. While the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus weren’t fascinating, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max stole the show. These phones are also coming to India with a hefty price tag. A new report suggests that Apple will likely partner with the Tata Group to manufacture these iPhones in India.

A recently released report from Bloomberg suggests that the American tech giant’s Taiwanese supplier Wistron Crop and Tata Group will likely join hands to produce iPhones. Together, Tata and Wistron could increase the iPhone manufacturing output by a considerable number. For those unaware, the Indian Conglomerate is well known for business in various industries, including iron & steel, salt, cars, and more. Tata has constantly been expanding its business across different sectors. This time, it looks like Tata will enter the iPhone manufacturing industry.

Apple has been manufacturing iPhones in India for the past five years. During the five years, workers revolted for higher salaries and standard working conditions. Also, Apple has problems with the locals not being able to meet its strict deadlines and quality control. Given the challenges Apple has been facing with manufacturing iPhones in India, joining hands with Tata should help a bit. Tata is known for their excellence in pretty much every industry it puts its feet in. The company is undoubtedly potentially taking a chance to become one of the largest iPhone manufacturers.

The structure of the deal and its details are unknown as of now since the deal has not been revealed to the public yet. However, Tata could end up buying shares in Wistron’s India operations. Besides this, According to reports, the two could also build a new assembly plant.

With all the problems Apple has been facing with manufacturing iPhones in China, it is no surprise that the company is looking forward to India to boost its manufacturing output. The joint venture would substantially increase iPhone manufacturing output in the Indian subcontinent.

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