iPhone ‘Error Invalid Number’ Issue Prevents Sending Messages to Android Users

iPhones are perfect for a consumer looking for a closed and smooth ecosystem. However, there is no sign that they are immune to bugs and issues. Every company faces problems because of the various experimental techniques. Apple has already seen multiple issues, problems, and bugs in the past, which they have also tried to fix occasionally.

Another bug iPhone users report is the messaging issue, specifically with AT&T consumers and if the recipient is an Android user. Whenever a user tries to send a message to any Android smartphone via AT&T (United States: Mobile Service Provider), the prompt notification displays, “Error invalid number. Please re-send using a valid ten-digit mobile number or valid short code“.

The reason behind the bug is that the iPhone keeps adding a ‘+’ character to the start of the phone numbers of the Android devices.

The issue has by far appeared in the United States (US) and with subscribers of AT&T, resulting in problems while sending text messages to Android-based devices. Because of this, the US-based Mobile Service Provider (AT&T) interprets the text messages from some users as foreign, meaning that such messages will be treated or handled differently by the carrier.

Furthermore, if the user tries to send messages on such a number (additionally added ‘+’), they get a prompt stating: Error invalid number. Please re-send using a valid ten-digit mobile number or a valid short code.

On the other hand, when Android users try to reply to the received messages, the ‘+’ character appears again at the start of the phone number. However, they have been attempting to block and delete the affected number, but this doesn’t seem to work, and the issue persists.

For reference, here are the different users experiencing difficulties sending messages from iPhone to Android. One user states that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is suddenly not properly texting Android users; read in detail about his views. Here is another user from Twitter facing a similar bug. Likewise, many affected users face problems texting messages from iPhone to Android.

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Possible Workaround:

Users have tried some standard troubleshooting methods, but nothing seems effective. However, we have listed some possible workarounds that may work for you for the time being until the company releases a patch for the same. They are as follows:

  • You should try resetting your device’s network settings on your affected iPhone if you are severely irritated by the bug.
  • You can add ‘+1’ to the recipient number (Android or Google Voice users) to whoever you want to message.

Unfortunately, the company is unresponsive and has not officially responded to the issue yet. Also, the AT&T service provider has not acknowledged this from their end, as the problem is limited to their subscribers. Let’s wait for the official confirmation by the companies and if Apple is soon planning to release an update, which will probably fix the issue.

We will keep updating the post based on the latest developments and the latest information on the issue, so make sure to be in the pipeline.

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