iPhone 15 Ultra with A17 Bionic Chipset may Replace Pro Max Model

A week has passed since the iPhone 14 series launched, and the rumors and leaks for the upcoming iPhone 15 series, which are supposed to arrive in 2023, have started. Apple intends to make drastic changes in its iPhone 15 series models.

This year, they have differentiated by providing the A15 Bionic Chipset in the vanilla iPhone 14 and 14 Plus and the all-new A16 Bionic Chipset in the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max variants. Because of this, the performance of Pro models has significantly impacted them. Same, but even more, it is expected that the difference between the standard variants and the Pro variants could be more significant as compared to the iPhone 14 series. With this, they are trying to let the consumers who want a more premium experience get the Pro models.

With the next generation of the iPhone, i.e., the iPhone 15 series, Apple intends to make more significant changes to attract more consumers. Mark Gurman, the famous Apple analyst, claimed that there might not be the ‘iPhone 15 Pro Max’; instead, the name can be the ‘iPhone 15 Ultra’. Don’t be astonished; they already have the Watch 8 Ultra this year. Also, their MacBook line-up includes the ‘Ultra’ variants too.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra are expected to feature the USB Type-C port instead of their exclusive Lightning Port. Ultra is expected to be a massive upgrade over the 14 series. iPhone 15 Ultra may have a periscope camera at this time. And also, the arrival of a new, powerful A17 Bionic Chipset is expected too.

Let’s see what Apple has stored for us for the year 2023. It is very early to rely on the current leaks because not more than a week has passed since the iPhone 14 series launched. Let’s wait more than 2-3 months, and we will update you accordingly.

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