iOS 18 may have major changes bringing the design closer to visionOS

iOS 18 tipped for visionOS-inspired interface elements

macOS BigSur got rid of the older UI design in favor of new icons with a lot of depth, shade, shadows, and a 3D design. The iPhone has maintained its 2D flat design approach until now. However, unverified reports from The Verifier say that iOS 18 will feature a complete UI redesign with design elements inspired by visionOS.

visionOS has 3D immersive apps with an infinite canvas, and you can resize and move your apps around infinitely. The subtle hints of such a software design were there long ago.

Apple will announce iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 in June. We should see the iPhone 16 series ship with iOS 18 in September. Other iPhones will get the update at the same time. iOS 18 might be the biggest iOS design update in a long time. The last one we got was 2D flat icons on iOS 7, which eliminated the skeuomorphic design of iOS 6.

In the latest version of tvOS, there’s a new translucent sidebar/ navigation menu completely inspired by visionOS. This design might make it to some iPadOS menus with iPadOS 18. We might see a shift in design language with macOS 15 as well.

Elements from visionOS to iOS 18
Elements from visionOS to iOS 18/ Credit: Apple

According to the leak, iOS 18 will redesign the first-party iOS apps. Apps like iMessage might get a new design and User Interface that’s more playful and interactive. There’s also a chance of a 3D design with a new interface for Safari. We also expect new icons for apps with a spherical design and a 3D design with depth and shadows.

There is a completely new menu in iMessage when you tap the Plus button at the left. It expands with a new animation and doesn’t look consistent with the regular iOS design menus. It seems completely redesigned with new animations and circular icons. It’s a similar story with the menu for the Action Button. You get the Action Button menu on the iPhone 15 Pro models, which looks unlike anything on iOS. It is absolutely inconsistent with the 2D-flat design of iOS.

While this leak is still sketchy with a mixed track record, it’s still exciting to wait for WWDC since we will get many design changes. Those changes in the iOS 17 menus were more like a teaser for the major design changes yet to come.

Apple believes in a future reality of Spatial Computing. While the Apple Vision Pro is not yet ready for complete mainstream adoption, it’s an experimental launch that aims to capture some of the Virtual/ Mixed Reality enthusiasts and early adopters, take their feedback, and improve on it in the succeeding models to make their vision of Spatial Computing a reality.

While the critical reception of the Apple Vision Pro was mixed, many people loved the slick overall UI/UX design of visionOS with its unique Apple-style spherical icons. Many people agree that this was a first-gen beta product with all the flaws of a first-gen product, especially comfort, weight, and battery life. However, the same technology in a more palatable form, like Virtual Reality Glasses (similar to Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses), could take off and replace our entertainment devices like TVs and laptops.

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