iOS 14 Beta Bugs and Problems: How to Fix Them?

Apple finally released the iOS 14 beta developer update yesterday. Though the update comes with a lot of interesting features, there are some major bugs and problems with the update as experienced by the users. The iOS 14 developer update is now live for those who have already enrolled in Apple’s developer program. The iOS 14 beta update comes with new features and enhanced performance than the iOS 13. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the different features, bugs, and problems and different ways to solve the problems related to the new iOS update. Adding to your knowledge, the company will release the Public beta update for iOS 14 in July 2020. Apple will likely release the iOS 14 stable updates in September 2020.

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Apple iOS 14 beta developer update features

The iOS 14 will be packed with lots of new and improved features to the iOS 13. The beta update of iOS 14 is actually a lite version of the features that will be available in the stable iOS 14 updates. Here are the features of the iOS 14 developer update:

  • Search for emojis within the emoji keyboard.
  • In Siri settings, users can now choose always show speech always show Siri captions to provide visual feedback.
  • Also, in phone settings, users can choose different styles for incoming calls, such as full-screen or banner-style.
  • Now, FaceTime has a new “Eye Contact” option. This means the device’s AI establishes natural eye contact while on FaceTime.
  • Option to drag one widget onto another of the same size, and they turn into a stack.
  • The camera has a new “Mirror front camera” option.
  • When apps access the mic or camera, a colored dot appears to the right of the notch. While swiping down the control center explains what app recently accessed the camera or mic.

iOS 14 beta bugs and problems reported so far

  • Users are facing installation and download problems.
  • Many users are reportedly saying that after updating the device to iOS 14 beta, excessive storage is being used by the system.
  • Moreover, there are Wi-Fi connectivity issues, Face ID problems, auto-brightness problems, crashes, lag, and problems with first and third-party applications.
  • When long-pressing the app icon, Favorites don’t show on Phone or Facetime. Moreover, messages don’t show the most recent.
  • Users cannot select multiple e-mails by swiping them while under the edit mode in the Mail App.

Fixing the iOS 14 update problems

Most of the bugs and problems will be fixed by Apple itself in further updates. However, here we have mentioned a few steps to fix some minor problems with the iOS 14 beta update.

  • If you are facing installation problems, a hard reset of your device is advised. If the download is taking longer than usual, check your internet connection or else check Apple’s service page.
  • To fix the battery draining issue, reset all settings and turn on low power mode. Disable background apps and vibration. If the problem is still not resolved, downgrade to iOS 13.
  • If you are dealing with performance issues, then these steps might fix the issues. Restart the device, update all the Apps, reset all the settings, clean up device storage, stop the automatic downloads, and stop background refresh.

Users can still provide feedback on the iOS 14 beta update and can report any kind of bugs and issues using the Feedback App. You can get in touch with Apple’s discussion forum or MacRumors forum to report bugs as well as to find solutions.

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