Intel K vs KF vs F CPUs: Know the Difference

You can see suffixes like K, KF, and F on the new generation Intel processor. These types of suffixes were absent in their previous generations. However, we all know that all suffixes have some particular meaning for them. Intel and AMD have followed this tradition. Anyways, in this article, we will discuss what could be the meaning of these suffixes and what’s the difference between them.

What are the meanings of the K, KF, and F suffixes?

Intel K: The K suffix means the chip is unlocked, allowing features like overclocking. It enables users to push the processor to its limits and get much better performance than regular performance. It would be best to have a powerful motherboard with an excellent cooling system. But this variant is the most expensive one from Intel CPUs.

Intel KF: The KF series is the most popular Intel CPU. This chip consists of all aspects of their K series except iGPU. The absence of integrated graphics (iGPU) means users must use a dedicated graphics card on their PC because the monitor needs a graphics card to give better video output. Due to the lack of an integrated graphics card, this chip is comparatively cheaper than the Intel K series.

Intel F: The F series is the multiplier-locked version of the KF Intel CPU. This chip will also come without any integrated graphics card on it. You must add an external graphics card like Nvidia’s GTX 1650. Without a dedicated graphics card, the CPU can not run. As this series doesn’t have an integrated graphics card, this F series will be cheaper than the other chips.

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K, KF, and F Intel CPUs Differences

As we have seen, the meaning of all three suffixes. So, the K chip can give maximum performance by unlocking and pushing to the utmost limits. Then KF is also similar to the K chip series. However, the primary difference between these two chips is the lack of integrated graphics cards. The Intel K CPU has a powerful integrated graphics card (iGPU), while the KF series comes without integrated graphics. The KF chip costs slightly less than the Intel K series. But both K and KF offer the same amount of cores, clock speed, and performance. On the other hand, the Intel F series comes without any integrated graphics card or overclocking features. That makes this chip cheaper than the other two.

K Suffix KF Suffix F Suffix
Overclockable Overclockable Non-Overclockable
Integrated graphics card No integrated graphics card No integrated graphics card
Most Expensive and Highest Performing More Expensive and Higher Performing Least Expensive and Lowest Performing

Which Intel CPU is the Cheapest?

The Intel K series CPUs are the most expensive from Intel as they also provide many features. On the other hand, the Intel F series is the cheapest as they don’t offer overclocking features with the chips. Also, F chips come without any integrated graphics card. That’s why the F series from Intel comes at a lower price than the Intel K series.

Are Intel K CPUs Faster than the Non-K CPUs?

The answer is yes. Intel K series are faster than other non-K series as they come with overclocking features. Because of this feature, these chips often have higher boost clock speed and provide maximum performance.

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