AMD Zen 5 CPUs to Reach Mass Production Stage in Q3 2024

AMD Zen 5 CPUs to Reach Mass Production Stage in Q3 2024

AMD is ready to release its latest CPU architecture, Zen 5. Zen 5 architecture has been in the talks for a few months now. It is a successor to AMD’s Zen 4 CPU architecture and will apparently be a major upgrade.

The Zen 5 architecture will supposedly bring significant improvements to the efficiency of chips. The performance, of course, will also see betterment. And then there is artificial intelligence, which many companies have started increasing their focus on. These Zen 5 CPUs will offer hardware-based AI and machine-learning capabilities.

As per UDN, a Chinese news outlet, AMD is set to manufacture next-generation CPUs based on Zen 5 architecture by the third quarter of this year. The outlet also stated that AMD will use TSMC’s 3nm fabrication for these CPUs. Currently, TSMC is the only major company supplying 3nm fabrication to companies. The production of Zen 5 CPUs, on a lower scale, will also reportedly start in the second quarter of this year.

The Zen 5 architecture will play a crucial role in AMD’s upcoming lineups of CPUs. The following lineups, for instance, are already planned.

  • Granite Ridge lineup (desktop CPUs)
  • Strix Point lineup (mobile chips)
  • Turin lineup (EPYC servers)

8000 Zen 5 CPUs

UDN has also pointed out that the standard Zen 5 architecture will comprise Zen 5 Nirvana cores. Client and server chips, on the other hand, will make use of Zen 5C Prometheus cores. It is worthwhile to note that a key detail does not add up here.

Previous reports state that the Zen 5 Nirvana cores will be based on 4nm fabrication, while this outlet claims it will use TSMC’s 3nm process. We must wait for the company’s word for further clarification. One thing is for sure, though. The Zen 5C Prometheus cores will be manufactured using the 3nm process.

While AMD is yet to release any official statements regarding the launch of these new CPUs, rumors suggest that some of them have already reached the mass production stage. We will have to wait a bit more for AMD to announce definitive launch details.

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