Intel 14th Gen Price Hike

Intel 14th Gen CPUs (i9-14900K, i7-14700K, i5-14600K) Price Leaked

There has been a lot of talk around the Intel 14th Gen CPUs lately. A few days ago, we saw a leak by MSI confirming the performance increase these processors will bring. But, as it seems, performance is not the only area where we will see an increase.

Intel 14th Gen CPUs Price: Up to 16% Higher Than Previous Generation

  • Core i9-14900K: $695
  • Core i7-14700K: $485
  • Core i5-14600K: $380
  • Core i9-14900KF: $660
  • Core i7-14700KF: $470
  • Core i5-14600KF: $345

According to a recent leak on X (formerly Twitter), we could see a fairly steep hike in the price of the Intel Core 14th Gen processors. This is even more disappointing since the upgrade does not seem very big.

Previous leaks also showed that only a few models in the 14th generation Intel CPUs will get extra cores compared to the 13th generation. And people are very disappointed, and rightfully so.

CPUs Price

As for the price, the leak suggests a roughly 15% increase across all models. That would mean that the higher-end Intel Core 14th Gen CPUs could see a price bump of up to $100. CPUs on the lower end of the price spectrum could also see an increase of around $40 to $45 in their price tags.

However, there is a chance for you to save some money. As mentioned, the 14th Gen Intel CPUs do not bring major upgrades over their predecessors. So, you can go for the 13th Gen CPUs that would get price cuts in the upcoming months. And even if they do not, they still provide more value for money than the new ones.

In addition, we cannot forget the Intel 12th Gen CPUs, which are still very capable and have an even lower price tag. We would not recommend going lower than that.

Intel is most likely to announce its 14th-gen CPUs next month, that is, September 2023. The 14th Gen Intel CPUs, or the Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs, will be the center of attention at the Innovation 2023 event. There is also some speculation about Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs. These could also be part of the Intel 14th Gen CPUs under the Core Ultra naming.

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