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iMac with 30-inch Display: Everything We Know So Far

iMac sizes are incredibly confusing. In 2020, Apple only sold a 27-inch model. Before that, we had several popular iMac sizes, spanning from 21.5-inch to 27-inch. The latest 2021 iMac is the only model Apple sells officially. This model comes with a midway size 24-inch, which is decent for most use cases.

Older iMacs had thick bezels and also a huge chin. The 24-inch 2021 iMac is no industry innovator in design either. It slims down the borders from the 2020 model and has a razor-thin body. Apple put most internal parts into one large chin at the bottom. Since Apple hasn’t refreshed designs for several years, we can expect the upcoming 30-inch iMac and 24-inch M3 iMac to retain the same design.

About Current iMac Models

From 2009 to 2020, there were minor and negligible differences in the overall design of the iMac. In 2021, we saw a complete redesign with slimmer bezels and a really thin body with a large bottom bezel. However, the major upgrade was Apple Silicon. The 2021 iMac got the M1 chip, giving it substantial boosts in performance.

Arguably, the 2020 iMac was just launched since Apple and Intel probably had a contract or roadmap since the 2021 model was just so much better. This creates the noticeable Osborne effect, where people are convinced to wait for an upcoming product, seeing its potential, instead of buying one that currently exists on the market. Apple announced its transition to Apple Silicon at nearly the same time, and many were expecting a redesign soon.

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iMac with 30-inch Display Reportedly is in the Works

If you prefer a desktop computer, Apple is, unfortunately, paying more attention to laptops. For those waiting for a new iMac, a report from Mark Gurman on Bloomberg says that a new whopping 30-inch iMac is in the early stages of development. It’s also an upcoming all-in-one desktop computer. The rest of the specifications remain unknown, and the report doesn’t share much in detail.

There’s a new trend with Apple recently: large sizes. In 2022, we got the iPhone 14 Plus, which wasn’t anything groundbreaking, just a larger iPhone 14. This year, we got the 15-inch MacBook Air, just a larger M2 MacBook Air. These are not particularly exciting, but the trend of larger products might also continue with the iMac lineup.

This is particularly interesting for those who want larger displays from Apple but in an all-in-one style. The latest 27-inch Studio Display can accomplish this, but it’s not an all-in-one personal computer. The only thing around 30-inch from Apple’s lineup is the 32-inch Pro Display XDR. As the name suggests, this is just a display, not a whole computer.

According to the report, Apple’s M3 Silicon with TSMC’s 3nm fabrication will launch with some products in 2023. The existing iMac model sells with the M1 chip, and there’s a good chance that Apple will update it to the M3. And yet again, many buyers fall into the Osborne effect since it’s better to wait a couple of months for the M3 24-inch iMac instead of getting the M1 version now. Also, this M3 iMac isn’t the 30-inch model discussed above.

On a side note, the newsletter suggests that Apple will launch an Apple Watch Ultra 2 this year, hopefully with a new chipset. The Apple Watch Ultra could also get yearly updates at this rate. The latest iMac Pro was a long time ago, and there aren’t any updates on this product lineup.

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