Google’s Quick Share Experiencing File Transfer Issues, Users Report

Google announced merging its Nearby Share with Samsung’s Quick Share at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Moving forward, quick Share will be the default wireless sharing service for Android devices.

Also, as a preface to this article, Google released the first beta version of Nearby Share (now Quick Share) for the Windows operating system in late March, or early April in some places, last year. This was a solid move, making sharing files between Android phones and Windows PCs much easier.

File Transfers Not Working in Quick Share

Users noticed service issues soon after the Nearby Share and Quick Share merge. Many have reported trouble sharing files from their Android device to their Windows machines.

According to the reports, the issue arises in two different forms. One of them is that their Android device fails to detect their Windows device, even when Quick Share is enabled on both. The other way users face this issue is that both devices seemingly make a connection, but the transfer fails or gets stuck. Several Quick Share windows popping up during the transfer has also been a reported problem.

Also, the reports show this issue is not limited to Android to Windows transfers. The other way around is also not working as it should. Not only that, Android to Android transfers also seem affected.

QuickShare isn't working

The Issue is Known

A product expert acknowledged the issue on Google’s Android Help support forum and raised it with the community manager. As of now, there is no workaround. Affected users must look for alternative methods to share their files until Google resolves this problem.

If you are an affected user, you can report the bug. Large volumes of reports will likely make the concerned teams at Google look into the issue urgently. You can find the instructions to file the bug report here.

There might be a possibility that you have not received the Quick Share update yet. Google is still rolling it out to many users. And since the issue is trending and has been raised, a bug fix can also be expected in the coming days. Until then, users will have to resort to other means of file transfer.

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