Google Wallet Lock Screen Shortcut Crashing on Some Pixel Devices

Google Wallet is a digital wallet app by Google released in July 2022. The app lets the users store their payment cards, boarding passes, tickets, etc., all in one location. The application can be used on smartphones and smartwatches, making it a must-have for many users.

It also offers contactless payment, quick access, smart suggestions, etc. The app supports devices running Android 7 and above.

Google Wallet crashing on Pixel phones

However, ironically enough, some Google Pixel users encounter an issue with the Google Wallet app. The app crashes when users try to access it from the Lock screen using their fingerprint. Additionally, the users claim the issue started after the December 2023 feature drop update.

The issue has been said to affect various models like the Pixel 6, Pixel 7, and even the latest Pixel 8 series. The users added this issue has been occurring since the initial days of Android 14 QPR1 beta and continues to persist in the stable version.

The affected users took this issue on the official Google forum, Reddit, and other social media platforms. One Pixel 8 user quotes, “When using the Wallet shortcut on the lock screen, the app opens and requires a fingerprint to use as it always has. However, since the December update, when I place my finger on the sensor, the Wallet app crashes.” Other Pixel users have added similar responses on the forum. The thread of this issue gathered over 100 upvotes from the community.

Potential Workaround

The affected users have already tried various troubleshooting steps, like clearing the cache and data of the app and re-enrolling fingerprints, but to no avail. The persistent nature of the problem signifies it’s possibly an issue with the latest update.

However, users found a temporary workaround that seems to work for them. The workaround is to tap “Show all” before using the fingerprint unlock for the Wallet lock screen shortcut. Another alternative is to use your pin or pattern as it does not seem to crash the app like the fingerprint.

Official Acknowledgement

Despite the growing reports, Google has not officially acknowledged this issue yet. Our best response so far is from one of the affected users, who claims the issue is under review now. However, there’s no official feedback. This means the ETA of the fix is currently unknown, and the users are left stranded from an official solution. Now, the only option for the users is to use the aforementioned temporary workarounds.

We hope Google acknowledges the issue at the earliest as it hampers the intended seamless payment experience the app and the shortcut are meant for. Fortunately, it’s likely an official acknowledgment will happen soon. The complaints on the forum are gaining noticeable traction from users, meaning Google is likely to notice them.

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