Does Google Offer Pixel Watch Screen Repair?

The Pixel Watch was officially announced on October 6 during the “Made by Google” event. Further, it was available in several different regions. The Watch was quite popular among the public as it was the first generation product launched by the company. Many users have given positive responses to it. It costs around $350.

However, the users should be careful now!!! If you have cracked or broken your Pixel Watch’s screen, then it’s high time you should pay attention to the ongoing news. The company will not fix it. They will not repair it. They have given such official statements. Instead, they can arrange replacements for the units. For that, some specific criteria should positively match the company’s requirement to acquire a successful replacement.

Google will not repair its Pixel Watch

Elaborating on the case, a Google spokesperson, Bridget Starkey, discussed the things with The Verge. He said, “At this moment, we don’t have any repair option for the Google Pixel Watch. If the Pixel Watch is damaged, you can contact the Google Pixel Watch Customer Support Team to check your replacement options.”

Some users already know about the situation, while some remain astonished after hearing this. They purchase a watch from a renowned brand and expect high-quality service or accommodations. However, the case is not like that, and the spokesperson clarified it.

In addition to this, the company doesn’t even offer extended warranty services for such emergencies. If your Pixel Watch scratches, breaks, or faces wear and tear, you will be left with no solution. You must request Google for a replacement or buy a new watch compulsively.

To those unaware, some unofficial services sell similar things like extended warranty, but not everyone opts for it, and some will feel insecure about it. There are some solutions, like repairing the Pixel Watch at home, but again, not everyone can go for it. Also, you can’t buy expensive discoidal glass that comes with the Watch; the company engineers might only know how to deal with it.

However, Google is not the only company behaving this way; the American Tech Giant is no exception. If you take a broken Apple Watch to their official stores, they will deny it. They will not repair it. Ultimately, you have to buy a new one. However, unlike Google, the company, at the minimum, offers an extended warranty system: AppleCare+. Nonetheless, their services charge a premium cost as well.

In addition, the Apple Watches receives five years of software updates compared to the three years for the Pixel Watches. It is important to note that the Pixel Watch (Generation 1) was the company’s first product, and we shouldn’t draw any conclusions comparing the competition that has existed in the market for 7-8 years. There will be differences in their services.

Nevertheless, the company’s second-generation Pixel Watch will launch around October 6 with the upcoming Pixel 8 series. Unfortunately, the front design will likely resemble the predecessor so we might face similar challenges.

With all the above issues, finally, the users should not be worried that much anymore. This week, the state of California passed a right-to-repair bill. This will mandate the companies to keep the replacement components available for three years if they are priced at $50 and above and for seven years if they are priced at $100 and above.

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