Google Pixel Fold Orders Canceled Due to Payment Method Issues

The foldable smartphone market has been blooming lately. We have seen several brands enter this space in the last few months. The audience for foldable smartphones now has more options to choose from than ever. Google is one of the biggest brands that has recently joined this niche. Last month, They launched their foldables first generation in the Google I/O event — the Google Pixel Fold.

Google having its own foldable is a pretty big deal. It sets the benchmark for how an Android foldable phone is meant to be. Although the Pixel Fold offers mediocre hardware for the humongous price tag of $1800, it excels in the software department from what we have seen. Considering the price, It is not meant to be used by the masses. The target audience seems to be hardcore enthusiasts and fans who love Pixel products.

Error while trying to order the Pixel Fold

On a different note, these people do not seem very satisfied lately. This is because they cannot order the Pixel Fold, as per several reports on Reddit. Even some people who ordered it on the first day it was available in the Store got their orders canceled. Also, these people did not get any notification of their order having issues. While some users have their orders canceled, some also have it on hold. This has understandably created a lot of frustration among users.

This issue is reportedly being caused due to errors in the payment method, though there does not seem to be any on the user’s side. Increasing the limit of their Google Store account is not helping with the situation. So it is likely just Google messing up. Besides, Google is notorious for having such issues in their Store. People had a similar experience with previous Pixel phones as well, in some cases.

No one knows what is causing Google to have this problem. However, some speculation is that Google cannot keep up with the demand, so they cancel random orders. We do not know how much of that is true, so we cannot clearly state this.

pixel fold look

How do you order your Pixel Fold without any issues?

While Google works on fixing this for everyone, you can try some ways to help you complete the purchase. Yes, they are aware of the issue, and it is being looked into, as people reported what they learned through calls with the support team.

First, log in to your account and reconfirm your payment method. It has worked for some people, as seen on Reddit. If that does not work, you can also place a new order and ask the support team to prioritize your order.

People do not expect this kind of experience with a company like Google, especially when they are willing to pay such a high amount. We hope Google considers this and fixes everyone’s problems soon.

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