Google Pixel 8a Dummy Units Surface, Revealing Design Details

Google recently released its latest Pixel 8 series. With this series, they have addressed many complaints people had with previous generations of the Google Pixel phones. There are currently only two models in the Pixel 8 series — the vanilla Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro.

As you may know, Google has had a third phone in each iteration of its lineup for years. That is, the ‘a’ model. And we have news about the same for the Pixel 8 series.

In a recent leak via a LinkedIn post via No Name X XLEAKS7 (removed now), we can see what seems to be a dummy unit of the Google Pixel 8a. The camera bump of the unit strongly resembles the recently launched Google Pixel 8 series. The device also seems to have inherited the curved corners of its older siblings. The leaker was considerate enough to share the photos of the dummy unit from both sides, including the side frames.

The leak also mentions the dimensions of the device, which are 153.44mm x 72.74mm x 8.94mm. This is slightly larger than what earlier leaks claimed. As for the build of this phone, the frames will likely be made of Aluminium. The material on the back of the phone will also probably be glass.

The back of the phone shows that Google will ship this phone with two camera sensors on the rear. Next to these sensors on Google’s iconic visor camera bump, there is the flash. There will be no temperature sensor since it is exclusive to the Pro model this year.

Earlier leaks showed that the Pixel 8a will come with the same Tensor G3 chip as the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro. This follows the trend of the past few years since Google has not cut costs on the performance aspect of these ‘A’ models of their Pixel lineup.

Currently, Google has not confirmed anything about the device. However, if we look at the launch dates of the previous ‘a’ Pixel phones, we can expect to see the Pixel 8a late into the first half of next year or in the early weeks of the latter half. As for the price, a fairly reasonable guess would be around $499, the same as last year’s Pixel 7a.

Lastly, one should note that we are still at a very early stage of this phone’s development. Things could very likely change by the time it is ready for launch. So, it is best to keep up with updates or wait for an official statement from Google before getting your hopes too high.

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