Google Photos Face Grouping or Recognition Not Working for Some Users

Google released and developed the Google Photos Gallery app in May 2015. In addition to being a standard gallery app, it also functioned as a photo-sharing platform and a storage service. It also had several other exclusive features, making it stand out.

Face Grouping or face Recognition is a feature in Google Photos that uses face recognition technology to identify different faces in photos. This feature can be helpful if you quickly want to find all the images that include a specific person. However, some Google Photos users have recently been experiencing an issue with the feature not working correctly.

According to a few reports, the users are having difficulty finding their photos in the app. Users experiencing this issue report that the app cannot find the faces they are searching for. Because of this, the users are forced to locate the photos manually.

Some users even claim that the” ‘People & Pets’ section” is completely empty for them without a single photo or video, and one user has mentioned that even after adding a new face to their account, they do not receive the prompt to improve search results by approving or rejecting alike pictures.

Unfortunately for the users, even turning the feature on and off or reinstalling the Google Photos app doesn’t fix the issue. The affected users have tried various troubleshooting methods, like signing out and signing back in, clearing the app’s cache, etc. This issue can be frustrating for people who rely on the feature regularly.

Product Expert

Fortunately for the users, a Diamond Product Expert on the Google Support forums responded. The person has told the affected users to report the issue via the help function in the app. In addition, users with the Google One subscription can connect with the 24/7 support team.

Therefore, we hope that Google will fix this issue soon.

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