Google Nest Hub Max low volume issue

Google Nest Hub Max Users Complain About Low Microphone Volume

The Google Nest Hub Max is a smart display powered by Google Assistant. The new Pixel Tablet is a successor to this concept. It runs full Android and has a wireless charging dock that acts as a speaker. The Nest Hub Max still lets you use YouTube TV, Google Photos, and videos, and you can also listen to music.

The Nest Hub Max has stereo speakers and a 10″ HD screen. These aren’t high-end tablet specs since they only cost 229$. It has the same functionality as the Nest Hub, but just bigger. Another key selling point for this tablet was Google Duo to stay connected with your family. You can use Duo hands-free for leaving messages or video calls.

There’s a built-in nest camera with support for live view. You get face alerts and motion detection. Continuous video recording and familiar face alerts are two more features of the Nest Hub. It works with several smart home devices like TVs, bulbs, locks, or speakers. Google Assistant also gives you hands-free help, which is very useful.

Nest Hub Max seamlessly integrates with other Google services for a consistent experience. Unfortunately, some units have bugs with the Nest Hub Max microphone volume. A microphone bug is weird because Google marketed the Nest Hub as a hands-free device capable of hassle-free operation with just Google Assistant phrases. This seriously interrupts video calls.

There are multiple reports across Twitter and Google Forums about the microphone on the Google Nest Hub Max. The reports state that the microphone volume is so low that you can barely hear anything in audio clips and live view. These issues began a while ago, in April.

Earlier, audio from monitoring the house via the camera was pretty clear. However, the audio volume is noticeably lower now. The user tried this on iOS and Android, but it didn’t make much difference. Even basic troubleshooting methods like factory data reset didn’t help, and there’s no difference in sound. Interestingly, the device still recognizes voices.

There’s a vast back-and-forth going on in Google’s Forums. A community support specialist said that Google values user feedback. The team was supposedly investigating the issues.


Community members were completely dissatisfied since this was a generic and vague response. There were no updates on what exactly the problem was. There was also no update on when it’ll be solved. Some people paying for the Google Nest Aware subscription for video recording are understandably angry. People have to put their phones on maximum volume to hear anything. There’s still no clarification on whether this is a hardware or software defect, and it could be either.

Users tried changing several settings, too. Turning on home monitoring features and home audio didn’t help much. However, there is a slight improvement in audio pickup from the microphones. It’s not a permanent fix; there’s only a marginal improvement with this workaround.

People on the forums are urging Google to fix this problem as soon as possible since there has been no proper response from Google for a long time. The previous update was over a month ago, and any new firmware updates didn’t address the problem. We’ll update you if there’s anything about the Nest Hub Max microphone issues.

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