Google Meet freezes unable make calls

Google Meet Freezing, Crashing, Call Connection Issues: All You Need to Know

Google Meet is one of the most popular video conferencing apps. It’s completely free to use and offers high-quality meetings. Unfortunately, there are currently plenty of issues with Google Meet.

Reports say the WebCam isn’t working anymore, but it typically works on other apps like Zoom. It’s happening across all platforms, including the Android and iOS apps, Windows and Mac.

Google Meet freezes: Users unable to make calls

Meet users are experiencing crashes whenever they connect to an external camera or webcam. This bug is bizarre since it comes with an error code that says, “Aww, Snap! Something went wrong. Error code: 5.” It happens after a recent Chrome update.

It is incredibly frustrating for those relying on Meet to connect with their family. Many people also use Google Meet for their work. People also get the error code, “Couldn’t connect you to the video call.”

Even after tweaking browser settings and permissions, it gets stuck on joining. Access to both the camera and microphone is blocked despite giving the necessary permissions. Chrome doesn’t even recognize the webcam. Conventional methods like clearing cache data, reinstalling Chrome browser, etc., didn’t help.

There are reports of Google Meet freezing up just a few minutes after the call starts. Everything usually works on the other side, but it’s a problem on the user’s side. The video stream doesn’t work, either. The issues persist if you exit and rejoin the call. The reports don’t mention any changes to the Google Account settings or the network configurations. Unfortunately, switching browsers isn’t helping in this case. The issue is across multiple web browsers, so it’s an issue with Google Meet’s servers.

Apps like Skype and Zoom usually work without issues, but the tablet app for Google Meet automatically closes for no reason. According to some reports, the meeting runs fine for about five or six minutes but then freezes for 20 seconds. This isn’t an internet issue; it doesn’t happen on other apps, and the person was using an Ethernet cable.

Even when the camera is active on one end, the video doesn’t appear on the other. Turning the camera off and on is a viable workaround for this problem, but it’s still inconvenient. We’ve seen several issues like this with Google Meet for several months. None of them have been resolved until now.

Everything freezes every 5 seconds for some users, and others have it worse, with the entire call crashing after 10 minutes every single time. There are also reports of videos not going through Google Meet.

already on a call

An error message says, “You’re already on a call. Do you want to leave your call to join this one?” But the user isn’t in another call. Clearing the app cache, reinstalling the app, rebooting the phone, changing permissions, and rejoining the meeting is not helping.

Some people can’t even end an active call. It also says that the current network doesn’t support video calls, which is entirely wrong. “Video call unavailable” is another standard error message.

Google has acknowledged the issue.

Finally, Google is aware of these issues. An official Google Product Expert says the team is already aware of and working on these issues. The next update that will roll out in about two weeks should fix these issues.

However, we don’t know when they’ll fix it since there was no ETA. You can try switching to another browser like Safari or Firefox until Google fixes this.

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