Nest Hub Max Ending Google Meet, Zoom Support

Is Google Meet and Zoom support ending on the Nest Hub Max?

The Nest Hub Max is an intelligent display released by Google in September 2019. It is the bigger version of the 7-inch Google Nest. The Nest Hub Max suits those who want a bigger display with all the standard Nest Hub features. The Smart Home Display acts as a great digital photo frame, and it’s what Google eventually would evolve into the Google Pixel Tablet.

It features a 6.5MP camera, a 10-inch HD touchscreen, and a built-in stereo speaker system with a 30W subwoofer. The Nest Hub Max uses Google Assistant, which lets you control your smart home devices using voice commands. It can also get online information, video calls, and more.

Nest Hub Max to End Google Meet and Zoom Support

Google has discontinued Google Meet and Zoom on the Nest Hub Max. This news is very disappointing for the users as Video Calling is a big service. Many Nest Hub Max users depend on it. But with two mainstream video calling apps discontinued, many Nest Hub Max users will have to use alternatives.

Google said video calling with Google Duo will still be possible. Google is apparently prioritizing features that matter more to the users. They’re discontinuing features that are less in use.

The users have found this out recently. The Google setup process on the Nest Hub Max now displays the following message:

“Joining meetings will no longer be available on this device starting September 28.” Similarly, Zoom made a similar announcement on July 19. The statement was as follows. “Advance notice of end of support for Google Nest Hub Max.”

This change has brought frustration among many users as many had bought with video calling as an essential factor. On this Reddit post, a disappointed comment out of the several says, “We bought this for my aging grandmother at the start of Covid so she could stay connected to the family. She uses a few other features, like music and weather, but the biggest appeal is video calling. I’m extremely disappointed.”

Some users are going as far as saying that they will ditch all Google products and services. Others are saying they want a refund as they’re not getting a key feature that was all over the advertisements. Google’s Video Calling apps remain ever-confusing, especially since the weird merges of Google Meet and Google Duo.

You can no longer join pre-scheduled meetings via codes and links in Google Meet, but you can still make video calls with the Nest Hub Max.

Note that despite these changes, the device is still up for sale. It’s only these two apps getting discontinued on the platform. We hope Google adds it back if more people raise requests about it.

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