Galaxy Watch 6 Reported Battery Problems

Galaxy Watch 6 Battery Problem: All You Need to Know

The South Korean Tech Giant has recently announced its second Galaxy Unpacked event for the year on July 26. The event witnessed the launch of the most awaited Galaxy Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5, Galaxy Tab S9 series, and the Galaxy Watch 6 series.

The company claims that they have made various improvements to improve the endurance of the smartwatches further. Apart from the other hardware-level enhancements, battery life is also included. However, this doesn’t seem to be true for some handful of consumers. A sufficient number of Galaxy Watch 6 series users have shared that the company’s claim is probably not fulfilled.

Galaxy Watch 6 Series Battery Problems:

The problem is with the battery life cycle of the Galaxy Watch 6 series. The users confirmed on various official forums and social media handles that they face terrible battery life on their smartwatches. Some users have even claimed that the previous generation, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, was higher-ranking than the latest watches.

A user said the predecessor provided 2-3 days of battery backup with always on display, while the Watch 6 classic can’t even run a small day.

watch 6 classic issue

Several users eagerly waiting to purchase the latest Watch 6 series have moved towards the previous Watch 5 series because of the ongoing battery problems. Recent buyers of smartwatches said that they have to limit their usage of essential apps to help save battery life.

The users expected a significant upgrade with the Galaxy Watch 6 series, but the recent disappointing developments have disheartened them. However, Samsung is somewhat known for its substandard battery performance. But with every iterative upgrade, the company has reached the sixth generation of smartwatches, and they should do something to improve the battery backup on their devices.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro vs Watch 6 Classic Battery Performance Comparison:

A Korean YouTuber, GoniTV, made an extensive video explaining the battery performance of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 6 series. The video consists of both the smartwatches used for a continuous 10 hours on maximum brightness level. Later, they shared the figures for the leftover battery percentages of the watches.

However, from the concluded results, it is seen that the Watch 6 40mm Classic version performed better than all the smartwatches. Nonetheless, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has given approximately equal competition, being a last-year-old device. Also, it is essential to note that the battery degrades over time, so the performance of the predecessor smartwatches is relatively better.


As always, there is no official response from the company yet. The users are irritated and frustrated because of the battery problem causing interruptible usage. The users who were going to buy the Watch 6 series have paused their purchase for now and are waiting for the issue to settle.

Have you purchased the Galaxy Watch 6 series? Have you faced battery-related problems yet? If you have any workaround that helps limit battery usage and strengthens the battery life, let us know in the comments section below, and we will address it here. Also, connect with us for further information on the problem; we will update the post accordingly.

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  1. I’ve just traded my Galaxy Watch 4 for a Galaxy Watch 6, and the battery life is Poor. Today, it has just about eight hours. I’ve pretty much everything switched off, but that makes it nearly useless as a Smart Watch. I might as well have an old-fashioned digital watch

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