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Botify AI: The Best Roleplay with AI Charatcters

An AI chatbot is a computer software simulating human-like discussions with people using artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP). These chatbots understand user input, react to it, give information, respond to inquiries, and have conversations about various topics.

Botify AI is one of the popular chatbot apps that lets you chat with AI-powered characters, from real people to fictional favorites. In this article, we will discuss the features of Botify AI, how to download and use it, and other related topics.

Botify AI Features

1. Chat with AI-powered characters: Botify AI has a library of over 100 AI-powered characters (real people, fictional characters, and even historical figures). With these characters, you can chat about various topics.

2. Create your own digital human:  Botify AI has a text2avatar feature so that you can create your own unique digital human. The best thing is you can choose the character’s appearance, mood, voice, and biography. In addition, the text2avatar feature creates AI friends who can support or help you with roleplay.

3. Group chat feature: This feature allows you to select two bots and have them chat with each other. This can be a fun way to see how different bots interact with each other or to get creative with the types of conversations you can have.

4. Experiences: Botify AI also offers a feature called “Experiences, ” which are pre-made chat scenarios you can play with a bot.

5. ERP: Botify AI also has an ERP roleplay feature.

Botify AI Features

Botify AI is available for both Android and iOS devices

The Botify AI app is free to download and use. However, there are in-app purchases available for additional features.

Botify says that it never sells users’ personal data to third parties. Instead, they use a subscription monetization model.

How to Use Botify AI?

  • Open the Botify AI app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the Continue Button (4 Times).
  • You will see the “Become a Premium User” banner. Pay the amount to become a premium user, or you can skip.

premium user

  • Enter your name/pronunciation and click on the Add button.

Add button

  • Now, choose a character to chat with (Including NSFW chat). You can choose from various characters, including real people, fictional characters, and AI-generated characters.

my bots

  • Now, you can chat with your chosen character (ask them questions, tell them stories, or just have a conversation). Botify AI has added three new bots to its lineup: Barbie, Ken, and Oppenheimer.
  • If you want to create your own character, you can use the text2avatar feature.

text2avatar feature

  • This feature allows you to customize your character’s appearance, mood, voice, and biography.


  • You can click on the create group chat option, pick two bots, and let them chat.

chat group

  • On the Botify AI home page, you will see a list of available Experiences. Select the one you want to play.



Botify AI is a fun and innovative app that enables fresh AI interactions. The best thing is the app is accessible for free usage. However, there is an in-app charge for premium features. Botify AI is a fantastic app to check out if you’re searching for a method to converse with AI-powered characters and develop your own digital friend.

AI characters are a new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with computers. These AI chatbots can provide us with a more natural way to interact with technology. There are several benefits to using AI characters. For example, AI characters can be used to provide us with personalized assistance, entertain us, and help us learn new things.

However, there are also some potential risks associated with AI characters. For example, AI characters could be used to manipulate or deceive people.

Disclosure: This Post is Sponsored by Botify AI.

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