Apple may Discontinue the Base 6.1-inch Model Owing to iPhone 15 Ultra

The iPhone 14 Pro is the most powerful, compact, and premium 6.1-inch phone you can buy today, but this might not happen next year. The company launched the series consisting of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max last month. With the introduction of the new bigger iPhone 14 Plus, the company had officially killed its mini line-up with the iPhone 12 series onwards. As the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro is the only compact premium flagship device from the entire series, there are rumors (via PhoneArena) that Apple will kill the 6.1-inch display size smartphone, probably the ‘iPhone Pro’ too. Read more to find out.

Is Apple planning to discontinue the base 6.1-inch iPhone model?

A few days earlier, rumors are surfacing about the Ultra variant in the iPhone 15 series arriving in 2023. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is said to be the iPhone 15 Ultra. Not only the name changes but with the word ‘Ultra,’ the company will aim at including some exclusive ‘Ultra’ level specifications in the device. With this, there are rumors that the company is not only adding the Ultra variant this time but also aiming to discontinue the 6.1-inch base iPhone model. This created a massive disturbance among the users, and they are expecting disapproval of the iPhone 15 Ultra variant.

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Users have stated that the size of the Pro Max variant (interchanging with the Ultra moniker with the upcoming iPhone 15 series next year) is already too large to hold, and only the base Pro model is sufficient enough to be called a true premium compact flagship. As it is also expected that Apple will launch the iPhone 15 Ultra with some exclusive features, the consumers are frightened about its pricing too and wish not to have the Pro Max variant this time. But already, the iPhone 15 Ultra is only the replacement for the iPhone 15 Pro Max (top-of-the-line flagship) with exclusive features.

As per the recently leaked reports, the iPhone 15 Ultra is also expected to have a premium titanium midframe, 45% lighter than the stainless steel used in the iPhone 14 series. So, the heaviness and biggerness of the iPhone 14 Pro Max users will impact that there should be no iPhone 15 Ultra. Instead, Apple should continue with the base Pro 6.1-inch model, offering compactness and, at the same time, the most premium.

So, it is clear that the users passionately want the 6.1-inch Pro model instead of the Pro Max model or the Ultra next year, which will be the true premium compact flagship smartphone. But it is a leaked report that Apple plans to discontinue the 6.1-inch base iPhone Pro model, so we can’t be assured of the same. We have to wait for further leaks and rumors about the same, as there is one after the other leaks arriving shortly. And we will also update you about it.

Rest all you can say about the decision of Apple not further to launch a base 6.1-inch iPhone model. Do you like the decision? Or do you want a top-of-the-line flagship like the iPhone 15 Ultra next year, offering exclusive features among the series? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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