2024 OLED iPad Pro May Have Up to 4TB of Storage: Report

After years of waiting, the OLED iPad Pro will finally see the light of day. The OLED iPad Pro is expected to have an early 2024 release with many exciting upgrades, making all Apple fans excited.

The current generation 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros have a max storage of 2TB, which is insane. However, Apple will step it up another notch with a 4TB model next generation. According to a Korean leaker, “yeux1122,” the 2024 iPad Pro will have a startling 4TB storage variant. This tipster claims this rumor comes from a company that supplies parts to Apple. Other than this, no information was given.

There’s not much information about the RAM on this new OLED iPad Pro. An OLED iPad from Apple may look like a weird move. Apple has used high-brightness Mini LED-backlit LCD panels in their top-end lineup. Even their flagship MacBooks ship with Mini LED screens.

ipad looks
Image Shows iPad 10 Gen (2022)

Since Apple is probably concerned about OLED issues like burn-in on larger screens, they’re taking their time with it. We don’t know which company will supply these OLED screens for the OLED iPad Pro yet. Apple will apparently set up its display manufacturing hub in either 2024 or 2025.

We can’t tell whether it’ll be ready to manufacture the OLED iPad Pro screens. Additionally, Apple’s first-party screens are supposedly Micro LED, not OLED. We assume Apple will use a mix of suppliers like Samsung, LG, and BOE for the OLED iPad Pro, similar to what we see on iPhones.

A reason why Apple is taking this long to implement OLED on iPads is probably brightness. The latest iPhones reach 2000 Nits of brightness, and Apple takes HDR content very seriously. With the newest tablet AMOLEDs topping out under 500 Nits, Apple doesn’t want to ship their flagship tablet with such low brightness amounts.

The current M2 iPad Pro 12.9″ with Mini LED goes up to 1600 Nits bright and supports Dolby Vision HDR. Until Apple manages remarkable brightness, they won’t add OLED on their iPads. We estimate it’ll take till 2024 for them to do it. Additionally, Apple might not launch any iPad models in 2023, so they’re probably saving them all for 2024.

The tipster on Naver Blog doesn’t have an excellent track record for reliability, so take this leak with a pinch of salt. When Apple added OLED to the 12.9″ model, they could finally add MiniLED to the smaller 11″ model. We expect a significant price increase too, up to 1499$ for the largest model and maybe 999$ for the 11″ model.

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