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X (Twitter) Users Report ‘Content Not Available’ or ‘Playback Error’ When Trying to Play Videos and GIFs

Everyone knows the scale of chaos X (formerly Twitter) is going through. For the unaware, Twitter is a top-rated microblogging platform with around half a billion monthly active users. Since Elon Musk, the founder of several big corporations, bought Twitter last year, the chaos has never ceased.

It has even hiked after the recent rebranding of Twitter to X. If that was not enough, the platform is plagued with issues occasionally.

Users’ recent issue on X is the inability to view some media. The common error they get tells them that the content is not available. This usually happens when they try to view a photo, a GIF, or a video by clicking on it.

In some instances, users have also noticed excessive buffering on videos. The preview on the platform’s web version seems unavailable when you are on the home screen. When you click the media, you are greeted with the same error.

On top of that, some users are also facing a ‘Playback error’ on videos. The TikTok style scrolling of videos on X is also not working due to the same. This has left users frustrated.

Some also point out how these issues were not so common in the pre-Elon era of Twitter. Although some of Elon’s decisions are not user-friendly, this claim is up for debate.

Playback Error

Possible Reason

This has led users to assume the possible reasons for this happening. Some believe that Twitter is down. On the other hand, some think it is an issue exclusive to users who have not subscribed to X Premium (or Twitter Blue).

Neither of these seems to be true. Some verified accounts have also reported the same, one also stating that some videos play while some do not.

We cannot point out the precise reason. Our best guess would be that there might be some issues with the servers that deal with the media on X.

Unfortunately, the concerned teams at X have not acknowledged the problem yet. We hope they do that soon and fix it afterward at the earliest. To stay updated on the issue, you can keep an eye on the Support account on X.

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