Windows 10 File System Error (-2147219196) Confirmed to Crash Apps: Fix Incoming

Microsoft’s Windows is one of the most used operating systems out there. Its versatility is what makes it so popular among its users. But, it is also prone to many bugs and issues, some of which are very disruptive to the experience of using it.

And this is what keeps many people from using it. In recent news, users are facing another such issue, as several reports have claimed.

File System Error: Windows 10 Apps Crashing

A recent wave of reports has revealed that many Windows 10 apps face crashing issues after an automated update for Windows’ native apps. These apps mainly include Photos, Calendar, Mail and Calendar, Calculator, Feedback Hub, Game Bar, 3D Viewer, Paint 3D, and Film & TV / Movies & TV.

File System Error

After the app crashes, the error message shows “File system error (-2147219196)”, as reported. As it seems right now, this issue only plagues machines running old hardware.

The update was rolled out around the 23rd of last month (January 2024). It was meant to be an ordinary maintenance release. Also, for the unaware, Windows does not allow you to roll back to previous versions of any app. Pair that with the unannounced auto-update; users were very frustrated.

Microsoft has acknowledged the Issue.

It is not very often that a tech giant listens to user feedback and acknowledges issues. However, Microsoft seems to have listened and released a statement regarding this issue. They have identified the cause of this issue to be with a package called ‘vclibs framework.’ Without going into the technicalities, there are libraries in this package that facilitate the proper working of many native Microsoft apps.

Before heading further, let us briefly examine what SSE is. Short for Streaming SIMD Extension, it is an instruction set. The update accidentally made SSE4.2 instructions mandatory for the vclibs framework, which prevented the affected apps from running.

This particular version of SSE came out in 2011, which explains why machines running older hardware are having these problems. SSE, or Streaming SIMD Extensions, is a set of instructions that help the CPU deal with data.

The concerned team at Microsoft is aware of this issue. They are planning to roll out necessary updates soon.

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