WhatsApp Voice Call Wear OS 3

WhatsApp Voice Call Now Support on Smartwatches Running Wear OS 3

The update is currently being rolled to beta testers

If you are a smartwatch user running on Wear OS 3, you have good news. After updating the WhatsApp beta to version, we have been able to take voice calls on the recently released Galaxy Watch 5. The newest update allows you to take WhatsApp voice calls on your wrist. But, it seems that this is not limited to the latest Galaxy Watch cohort. As per reports, even some Galaxy Watch 4 owners can take WhatsApp voice calls on their wrist too.

WhatsApp Voice Call Support on Wear OS 3:

If you frequently use WhatsApp calling and wear a Wear OS smartwatch, you’d know that you won’t get any notification for the incoming call. This led to a frustrating user experience and was a puzzling limitation since you can receive regular calls on Wear OS smartwatches. But, this will soon no longer be an issue for you. After updating your WhatsApp to its newest version, you will automatically get incoming call notifications from the app on your Galaxy Watch (via Reddit).

To receive WhatsApp voice call on your Wear OS 3 watch, you will need to update the WhatsApp app to the latest beta version. After that, all calls will appear as fully native options. This feature has been tested to work successfully for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Google Pixel 6A. While the previous Wear OS update would only allow you an option to “Answer the call on the phone”, the latest update will let you take calls directly from your wrist as long as you are paired within range.

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After the update, WhatsApp’s logo will appear on calls originating from it to distinguish them from regular calls. But, according to 9to5Google, the WhatsApp logo did not appear on their Galaxy Watch 5 paired with a Pixel 6. However, the WhatsApp icon seen on the Galaxy Watch 4 follows the One UI theming, which means that this may only appear when paired with a Samsung Galaxy device.

Final Words:

The update is currently being rolled to beta testers and is available by default. You can now enjoy taking incoming calls on your Waer OS-based Galaxy Watch. As of now, this is just a beta version. Soon the stable update will be available. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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