Vivo Origin OS Update

Vivo OriginOS Update: Eligible Phones, Features & Rollout Schedule

The Chinese company Vivo has its own UI called the FuntouchOS, and it is pretty great but not entirely perfect. So, to reach perfection, Vivo decided to develop another UI completely separate from FuntouchOS, and they dubbed it OriginOS. Vivo redeveloped the predecessor with new features and optimizations in such a way that you can’t tell that both are from the same company.

Vivo claims to enhance the overall mobile experience with the new OriginOS. They have basically enhanced and optimized the features, starting from the home screen all the way to gaming. Enough of this, now let’s quickly look at the features, eligible Vivo phones, and the rollout of the new OriginOS.

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Top Features of the Vivo OriginOS

1. The all-new home screen

Vivo designed an all-new desktop grid system called the Huarong grid. You can customize a variety of layouts, and you can show your every element of the desktop.

2. The out of the box Wallpaper mode

Vivo launched an all-new behavioral wallpaper mode called the performance wallpaper. They induced the blooming process of flowers in a few seconds and also some super realistic wallpapers that will depend on weather conditions, time at the clock, clouds, and much more.

3. The super-efficient message notifications

Vivo introduced new atomic notifications that we all needed. This feature can extract important specific information from messages and tell you about it.

4. The brand-new Navigation gestures

Gestures are always hard to remember and are not handy. Vivo builds 26 navigation gestures that cover all the mainstream operations, and they claim that it will be easy to understand since it’s just clicking and operating.

5. Atomic component library

This feature summarises all the atomic components carefully in one place and gives you access to retrieve them whenever needed. Moreover, when you drag an icon from the component library and put it in an application interface, a small window will appear, giving you access to multi-task operations.

6. Customizable widgets

You can change the size of a particular widget to make it fit on a particular screen. The camera app widget will come in handy. You can choose which lens to use before the camera app opens while tapping it. The weather widget is updated and optimized and now intuitively displays the temperature info. With 90 color values, you can now see the changes in cold and warm temperature cards. Also, there is new widget support called the Klotski grid, which can be rectangular or square in shape and can display important information in the form of Nano alerts.

7. Super card pack

A new mobile payment tool is introduced by Vivo, dubbed the Super card pack, which allows you to access the payment app in one swipe even if the phone screen is turned off or the app interface is navigated away from the home screen.

8. Essential system optimizations

These are the most important optimizations that a user or, most presumably, a gamer looks for. With the induction of the latest Multi-Turbo 5.0 in the OriginOS, three new technologies came to rise- the fusion of ROM and RAM, which is the memory fusion, the process optimization, and the app preloading.

The memory fusion allows you to combine RAM and ROM and gives you a smooth background for multi-app scenarios. With the help of this feature, you can open and run more applications without the device freezing. To be more precise, on a device with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, you can get an experience of 11GB RAM, while on the 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, you can get a 15GB RAM experience, which is pretty interesting.

The process optimization helps you to optimize system operations, freeing up to 100-200MB memory usage, thus creating more space for mobile applications.

Last but not least the app preloading feature. Users can take advantage of this feature a lot. You can use this technology and preload your applications which will reduce your application startup time, ensuring an increase in app opening speed and reduce cold starts by 40%.

Vivo OriginOS Eligible Phones and Rollout Schedule

Eligible PhonesRollout Schedule
vivo X50
vivo X50 Pro
vivo X50 Pro+
vivo NEX 3S
vivo S7
iQOO Pro
iQOO 5
iQOO 5 Pro
iQOO 3
iQOO Neo3
Before January 31, 2021
vivo X30
vivo X30 Pro
vivo NEX 3
vivo NEX 3 5G
iQOO Neo
iQOO Neo855 Edition
Before February 12, 2021
vivo Z6
vivo Z5
vivo Z5x
vivo Z5i
vivo X27
vivo X27 8GB + 128GB
vivo X27 Pro
vivo S1
vivo S1 Pro
vivo NEX Screen Fingerprint Edition
vivo NEX S
vivo NEX Dual Display Edition
vivo S5
vivo S6
iQOO Z1x
Q2 2021

Recently, Vivo revealed all the eligible devices for the new OriginOS based on Android 11. The new UI will come pre-installed in the upcoming flagships- the X series. An official announcement was made on the OriginOS Weibo account that a total of 33 Vivo and iQOO devices will be updated to OriginOS.

The rollout will take place starting January 2021, but like any other UI, OriginOS with Android 11 will also launch in the form of an open beta rollout. The stable UI will take some time to go fully global. The beta rollout will be limited only to China. Vivo is yet to announce OriginOS for international markets officially.

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