Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Color Options Revealed

The launch of the Galaxy S24 series is creeping closer each passing day. Like every previous Galaxy S series release, the S24 series will launch in the initial months of next year. For a more precise date, according to the leaks, we expect around January 17, 2024.

Regarding the design, the rumors and leaks for the S24 series are relatively slow. However, from the company’s recent design trends, the design will likely stay similar to the S23 series. It looks like Samsung has a trend of consistent design language across its smartphone division. This is evident with the S23 series having a similar design to the low-end Galaxy A14.

However, according to tipster Ice Universe, the sides of the phones will still have a curve. But the South Korean firm will apparently make a big change with its flagship smartphone’s displays. According to the leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will allegedly ditch the curved display. This is a very risky and controversial step by Samsung as all the S series phones, starting from the S6 Edge in 2015, came with curved displays.

However, the display specs in itself will get an upgrade. The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s panel will measure around the same as the S23 Ultra at 6.8 inches. It will also continue to boast a resolution of 1440P with a refresh rate of 120hz. To add to the upgrades, the peak brightness of Galaxy S24 Ultra will reach a max of 2,500 nits. This is a massive leap from the S23 Ultra’s peak of 1,750 nits. In addition to this, we will also finally see a return of the WQHD+ display in the plus (+) variant with the S24+.

Galaxy S24 Series to Come in 7 Color Options

While the design language will remain familiar and recognizable, there are some new colors to keep things interesting. This also helps easily distinguish the S24 Ultra from its predecessor. According to a new leak from Ice Universe, the S24 series will have 7 color options: Black, Gray, Violet, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Orange.

7 Color Options

There are also some good design upgrades. The black bezels are all fully symmetrical, eliminating the thick bottom bezel. It looks clean and professional. The punch-hole is now smaller and moves a bit lower as well. There’s apparently a special Golden color for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and it apparently has a golden middle frame as well.

golden middle frame

For the current S23 Ultra, Samsung sells the phone in Black, Green, Cream, Lavender, Graphite, Sky Blue, Lime, and Red. The last four are online-exclusive colors. The S23 and S23 Plus have Black, Green, Cream, Lavender, Grahpite, and Lime as the color choices.

Samsung is going to use a Titanium frame for the S24 Ultra, so that they might call the Gray color Gray Titanium. This is similar to Apple’s Natural Titanium offering. Samsung typically markets Black and Gray as Phantom Black and Graphite.

According to Ross Young, the S24 lineup will have Black, Gray, Violet, and Yellow. Ice Universe reports these colors, too. Orange, Light Blue, and Green might be the online-exclusive colors for the S24 series. This also matches with the reports from Ice Universe.

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