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Samsung Files Patent for Sliding Smartphone with Two Displays

Samsung is one of the smartphone manufacturers that patents many ideas, but only some make it to the prototype, and even fewer of them make it to the market. The company doesn’t hesitate to file a patent for an idea that is useless or looks absurd. One such recent patent filed by the company is a smartphone with a sliding display.

Though sliding technology has been used by the smartphone industry before, this type of smartphone with a display under the slider has never been seen before. Previously, phones like the Nokia 6700 Slide or Motorola slider included a physical keyboard under the slider.

Samsung’s Patent Shows Sliding Dual Touchscreen Displays, Photo Credit: USPTO

The sketches attached to the patent reveal that the top display is approximately half the display on the lower side. The lower segment has tracks on the edges through which the first segment moves. Also, a camera will be placed on the rear side.

It’s still unclear why Samsung wants to make a smartphone with a sliding display. Though it will increase the display area, it will make the device larger, and also, the bezels from the top display will make it a distraction to work with both displays. It looks like Samsung is finding ways to extend the display without flipping the phone.

However, as mentioned above, it is still a patent, and the company is not developing the smartphone yet. Samsung files dozens of patents; in some cases, other manufacturers complete the technology before the company. We have recently experienced the case of Vivo X20 Plus for the under-display fingerprint scanning technology. The hottest patent is still the foldable smartphone; other manufacturers like OPPO, Microsoft, Huawei, and Samsung have already filed their patents.

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