Samsung Developing Truly Bezel Less Smartphone with 180˚ Curved Edge Display

2017 was the year of bezel-less smartphones and devices like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Samsung S8, and Apple iPhone X being the top contenders. But these designs are not entirely devoid of bezels, and we are yet to see a perfectly designed bezel-less smartphone. Samsung is ahead of the race in producing the first complete bezel-less smartphone. A couple of WIPO (World International Property Office) Samsung patents were spotted, which mention Samsung’s plan to build a pure bezel-less phone.

Samsung likes to experiment with its display technologies. The South Korean giant also manufactures displays for top-brand smartphones like iPhone X and OnePlus 5T. Even rumors about a foldable smartphone with the codename Galaxy Y are speculated to launch next year. The patent of the bezel-less smartphone, dated May 2017, mentions how the company plans to build a zero-bezel smartphone by bending the display 180 degrees and stretching it up to the back of the phone.

Not only that, but there also are sketches and renders of the smartphone, which look stunning. Samsung says that the 180-degree display will offer a better grip on the phone. Also, a complete bezel will mean new features on the device, like edge gestures and sensors like an iris scanner under the display. The patent, however, does not mention how the front camera will be placed. It’s no secret that Samsung has been developing a fingerprint sensor that works under a display. Even patents say a 12-pressure point sensor is sandwiched between the cover glass and a display panel. The new scanner passes ultrasonic signals through an OLED panel up to 1200 μm thick to read the contours of a fingerprint, which prevents the need for direct touch with the fingerprint sensor.

One sketch reveals a regular edge display with a rounded screen and another with a round edge. The display is bent 180 degrees on both sides and extended to the rear. The patent mentions the design and explanations and specifies the production method. This indicates Samsung is serious about the technology and willing to adopt it in the future. Usually, many patents of Smartphone manufacturers end up in the trash.

It’s unlikely that the device will be launched in 2018 as there is already too much in their lineup, and it’s still in prototype form. However, it may appear in the concept form with the Samsung Flip phone SM-W2018 that will be introduced in 2018.

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