Pixel Watch 2 could have two different variants: Report

The Pixel Watch launched last year alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The watch ran Google’s Wear OS and was well-optimized for it. It was met with mixed reception since it only came in one size, and the battery life was nothing to write home about. The battery was relatively small, and the chipset was extremely old and inefficient.

The bezels at the front were also relatively thick, though you couldn’t see much since the screen was all-black. The UI was designed smartly so that you rarely see the bezels. It takes advantage of the AMOLED blacks. The screen Google used was excellent, hitting 1000 Nits of brightness.

With Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and 450*450 resolution, it was pretty sharp, too. Thanks to the Fitbit acquisition, Google could introduce exclusive fitness and health features to this watch. Wear OS 3.5 was a smooth experience despite the weak 10nm Exynos 9110 chipset. 32GB of storage was acceptable, but EMMC storage was a letdown.

On everyone’s top wishlist for the Pixel Watch 2 was a new and improved chipset and battery life. These two were major complaints with the first watch, and it looks like Google is addressing those for the upcoming watch.

According to 9to5Google,  an app update reveals the code name “Eos” for the Pixel Watch 2. Unfortunately, the design doesn’t appear too different from last year’s model. The thick front bezels and tiny watch size are probably here to stay.

After decompiling APKs from some application files, the source has found hints of new features and this code name. According to an earlier leak from Evan Blass, the name of this watch is, unsurprisingly, the Pixel Watch 2. It’s a direct successor to the Pixel Watch.

pixel watch 2 name

Interestingly, there are two code names for the Pixel Watch 2. From the Beta of the Google Search app, “Aurora” is another name they found, along with “Eos.” Both of these likely refer to the Pixel Watch 2.

Eos and Aurora are the same- goddesses of the dawn in two different mythologies, Roman and Greek. Greek and Roman myths have a lot of similar gods and goddesses and a lot of overlaps, too. If we apply this logic to the Pixel Watch, both code names refer to the same upcoming Pixel Watch 2.

There are many ways this can play out. We might see a cellular version of the Watch 2 instead of just a GPS version. There’s also a chance that these are two different sizes. Or, they could refer to the same product. For Voice Match and Google Assistant setup, Google uses the same animations and text as last year. There’s not much distinguishing between Eos and Aurora.

A significant design change is unlikely since Google probably wants to reuse older bands. All the updates are internal, and it’s thankfully getting a considerable bump in battery life. We might get Fitbit sensors, new software, much better battery life even with AOD, and a new Snapdragon chip.

It’s probably the W5 Gen 1 or W5+ Gen 1 Snapdragon chip. It brings better reception and efficiency improvements. The new chip also consumes much lower power for Bluetooth, and 4nm is way more efficient than the previous 10nm. It doesn’t have the 5nm Exynos W920 or even the 980. Overall, the Pixel Watch 2 looks like a decent upgrade.

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