Pixel March 2023 Feature Drop will Release Soon: What’s New?

Google Pixel smartphone users are in for a treat as the tech giant is set to roll out a new Feature Drop this March. Pixel users are excited and eager to learn more about the feature drop.

The feature drop will bring several new features, according to a leaked changelog from u/Austin31415, including expanded Magic Eraser eligibility to all Pixel smartphones. This feature lets users easily remove unwanted objects or people from their photos. Google’s Magic Eraser can be accessed within the Google Photos app.

He adds that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will also receive an updated Night Sight mode, which should bring them on par with the Pixel 7 series. Additionally, a new Health Connect app aims to address privacy issues when sharing data with fitness, health, and wellness apps. This update was previously available only through the Google Play Store but will now be pre-installed on Pixel smartphones.

Pixel March 2023 Feature changelog

Another significant addition is the expanded “Direct My Call” functionality for Pixel 4a and Pixel 5a. This feature will allow users to route incoming phone calls to Google Assistant to screen and answer for them, making it especially useful for people with hearing impairments or who cannot answer their phones. We had seen this feature on Samsung devices earlier with Bixby.

While the release date of the March 2023 Feature Drop is yet to be confirmed, Google typically releases Feature Drops on the first Monday of every month. However, as usual, this update appears to have been delayed, as users anticipated the release on the first Monday of March.

It should be noted that it’s not unusual for updates to be delayed or pulled, as Google may need more time to address any issues during testing. Nonetheless, Pixel users may be anxious about the delay, particularly those with their devices running on the Android 13 QPR2 Beta hoping to exit the beta program without penalty.

To summarise, the March 2023 Feature Drop for Pixel smartphones promises exciting new features and improvements to existing ones. Although the exact release date is unknown, users can expect the update to arrive anytime soon, so keep an eye out for further news, as we will be updating this article once the Feature Drop is released.

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