One UI 6 Causing Android Auto Bluetooth Pairing Issues for Galaxy Users

Android Auto is Google’s answer to Apple car play and is used by millions worldwide while driving. It is a driving companion launched in the first Quarter of 2015. Android Auto helps you focus on the road, all while being entertained.

The service connects your phone to your car’s infotainment system, wired or wirelessly. Some key features of Android Auto include Voice control, simple and focused UI, integration with apps like Spotify and Google Maps, etc.

Android Auto Pairing Broken on One UI 6

Samsung started the One UI 6 rollout in late October. The UI is based on Android 14 and brings many new features and changes loved by its users. However, the UI still has a few issues for users like this one. One UI user has frequently reported issues with Android Auto in the past. They expected a fix with the One UI 6 update, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The users report that Bluetooth pairing remains broken with the One UI 6 update.

This issue has left many Samsung users around the globe disappointed, as wireless Android Auto is used regularly in dozens of countries. Due to this, Samsung users had to resort to using a cable for Android Auto, which was less convenient.

If one goes to Android Auto’s help section, one can see the forum is packed with complaints and reports from Samsung users.

One UI Improvement:

That said, One UI 6 did fix some other previously reported issues. The One UI 6 update brought improved UI animations and fluidity. Before this update, many One UI users complained that their animations were inferior to the competition. However, The updated One UI 6 animations were praised a lot by its users.

Aside from animations, the UI also brought other key changes. Some of them are Lockscreen clock customization, redesigned quick settings, new features in the gallery, etc. Some new features include Bixby text call, which is similar to Google’s call screening.

To summarize, One UI 6 received positive user feedback overall. However, issues like the wireless Android auto pairing continue to hinder the user experience. Understandably, some users are left with a sour taste in their mouth, seeing the issue wasn’t fixed with the update. We hope that Samsung acknowledges and fixes this issue as soon as they do with the above one.

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