iPhone SE 4 to Feature OLED Display, Suppliers Now Bidding

The American Tech Giant will soon unveil the successor of the iPhone SE series. However, we cannot expect the launch to take place in 2024. The actual launch date is unknown for now. The iPhone SE 4 OLED panels have developed the hustle and bustle in China.

For the production of the iPhone SE 4 display units, the Chinese manufacturers are competing among themselves to supply the company with OLED panels. They are trying to present their bids/offers to the company so they can use their manufactured AMOLED displays in the upcoming fourth-generation iPhone SE.

On the contrary, from Apple’s perspective, it will be helpful for the company to select the best OLED panel manufacturer with so many options available. The Tech Giant will be beneficial if they get the best AMOLED panel for their iPhone concerning quality, pricing, etc. Fortunately, this will also help us see the moderation in the prices if they do so.

Manufacturers like Tianma are in the queue to secure orders for the iPhone’s display panels. Nonetheless, the company will not consider the respective supplier as a primary source because a substantial corporation, namely, BOE (China-based), will probably share the OLED panels on a large scale for the fourth-generation iPhone SE.

To those unaware, BOE has been Apple’s partner for a long time, supplying display panels for the company. Additionally, the manufacturer has missed the opportunity to share the panels for producing the upcoming iPhone 15 series because of manufacturing issues.

There are about 20 million OLED panels reserved for the iPhone SE 4. According to the reports, the Apple staff visited several AMOLED panel manufacturing companies for business purposes in China during the first half of 2023 compared to the previous generation.

As per the information shared by reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to feature the same OLED panel used in iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, further reducing production and manufacturing expenditure. For comparison, the third generation SE brought the 4.7-inch LCD with thicker bezels.

The company has again started developing the iPhone SE 4 with a 6.1-inch OLED panel and Apple’s customized 5G modem. Let’s see who the company selects for using the panels in their upcoming iPhone SE fourth generation. Also, let’s wait for the launch date, as the launch of the new iPhone SE will not happen soon.

What do you think of the upcoming iPhone SE? What price do you expect? What is the expected launch date for the model? Let us know in the comments section below. We will keep updating the post based on the latest developments. Stay connected for further information.

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