iPhone 16 battery design leaks suggest no more overheating issues

Apple’s iPhones were almost always known for having very powerful processors in them. A few years ago, they were nearly a generation ahead of Android competitors.

However, in the past couple of years, a lot of iPhone users started reporting overheating with their devices. In response, the company said they would roll out updates to fix it, but some users continue to report the same.

iPhone 16 new battery design

Fortunately for iPhone users, Apple might have finally acknowledged the problem in future iPhones. MajinBu, a renowned tipster on X (formerly Twitter), gives us a glimpse of the potential iPhone 16 battery design. In the pictures, the size of the battery is similar to the iPhone 15.

iPhone 16 new battery design

However, the battery is inside a metal casing rather than the traditional black foil most phones use. The black foil most phone batteries are wrapped in does little to no help in heat dissipation. So, the metal casing, in theory, should help with better heat dissipation for the iPhone 16 series.

Additionally, we noticed that the battery capacity is mentioned to be 3,597 mAh. This is a 230 mAh increase from the iPhone 15’s 3,367 mAh. This means we should also see battery endurance from this device and potentially the entire lineup if they get a battery-size bump, too.

3,597 mAh

This also brings us to the lineup of devices in the iPhone 16 series. Like last year, we can expect to see 4 models in the iPhone 16 lineup. iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max, to name a few. There are also some chances of the iPhone 16 Pro Max being renamed as iPhone 16 Ultra; however, this is not confirmed. Additionally, the iPhone 16 will come with iOS 18 out of the box.

iPhone 16 Software

iOS 18 will be announced at Apple’s “WWDC” event, which takes place annually. This year, the event will take place on June 10th at Apple Park, California, as usual. In the event, many leaks and rumors are expecting Apple to announce new AI features. Apple has named its AI “Apple Intelligence,” and it is going to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy AI and Google’s AI.

Some AI features we can expect are auto-generated Apple Music playlists, Voice memo transcribing, Photo retouching, suggested replies for mail and messages, and much more. In February, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, said that Apple had invested a “tremendous amount of time and effort” in the development of its AI. All of the new AI features will come to the iPhone 16 lineup. Some of these features will run on-device, while others will run via the cloud.

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