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iPhone 15 Launch: Everything We Know So Far

People are waiting expectantly for Apple’s iPhone 15 lineup, and iPhone announcements typically happen in September.

The event for the iPhone 14 series was on September 7, 2022, and September 14 for the iPhone 13 series. One exception to this was the iPhone 12 event held in October 2021. We can attribute this to delays in distribution and supply chain due to COVID.

Update August 7: When can I buy the iPhone 15?

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the iPhone 15 will go on sale around September 22, following an event planned for either September 12 or September 13.

This is consistent with Apple’s usual release schedule, which sees the iPhone go on sale about 10 days after the announcement event.

Based on past launches, pre-orders for the iPhone 15 will likely begin on September 15. This would give customers a few days to place their orders before the phones go on sale in stores on September 22.

The original story (published on August 5) follows:

Could Apple delay the release of the iPhone 15?

We assume Apple will follow its usual schedule and expect an event in September 2023. While delays in the event are unlikely, there’s a chance of postponement of the actual release of the phones. There are several issues with distribution and supply for the iPhone 15 series.

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One of its display panel suppliers, LG, couldn’t match Apple’s standards. Another supplier, BOE, is still struggling with the dynamic island implementation. They’re behind schedule, and it’s not very likely that they’ll supply any displays for the series. Samsung has taken over for now.

It’s not just problems with the displays; the camera sensors and image signal processors are also problematic. The yield rate for Sony camera sensors and the LG folding lens tech are not performing expectantly.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is apparently going to debut the first ever periscope on an iPhone, but the 6.1″ Pro model won’t have this. Since it’s easier to manufacture, Apple will probably prioritize the manufacturing of this phone over the larger Pro Max.

When will iPhone 15 be launched?

  • According to a recent leak, Apple will launch the iPhone 15 series on September 13, 2023.

According to internal sources from 9To5Mac, several mobile carriers have informed employees to try not to take a day off on September 13. The reason they stated was a major smartphone announcement. This is not a direct confirmation that it’s Apple’s event.

However, we already know that Apple typically launches iPhones in September, so it’s very likely at this point. As far as we know, no other major phone launches next month have serious tie-ups with carriers.

Last year’s announcement on September 7 was a Wednesday. Most iPhone announcements happen on Tuesdays to accommodate travel and staff preparations. However, Apple hasn’t followed this rule much in recent times. Since last year’s event was on a Wednesday, we can assume this year’s event will also take place on a Wednesday, which is the 13th. This isn’t an official confirmation, but we’re just speculating from previous data.

Last year, sales for the iPhone 14 Plus model began on October 7, primarily because of supply chain and management issues. Sales for the rest of the lineup started on September 9. It was in stores on the 18th.

Similarly, we can expect pre-orders to begin on September 15, with a full launch a week later on the 22nd. However, since there are many supply issues, as discussed above, at least one of the models could get postponed. Some analysts claim that all models will be up for sale in September but with severe stock limitations.

Following the leaks, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is a major upgrade. The major changes are the USB Type C port, 3nm A17 Bionic, better camera hardware, periscope zoom, and an Action Button.

We could also get a Titanium frame and curved edges. The base 15 will get the Dynamic Island, 4nm A16 Bionic, and the 48MP camera for 2X sensor crop zoom. There’s also a chance it’ll get a frosted back glass.

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