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iOS ChatGPT App Users Report Overheating and Battery Drain

ChatGPT is an LLM (Large Language Model) based artificial intelligence chatbot, and OpenAI, a research laboratory for artificial intelligence, develops it. It has gained massive popularity since it was launched in November last year. Until a few days ago, ChatGPT was accessible only via the web. But recently, in a blog post, OpenAI announced the ChatGPT app for the iOS platform. As per the blog post, we will soon have the app for Android, too.

As with many new apps, the ChatGPT app is riddled with problems. As reported by Reddit users, the major ones are heavy battery drain and overheating of the device while running the app. Some people even said the app is not working at all. All in all, the ChatGPT app does not seem like a very stable app for now.

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Currently, there does not seem to be any working method to eliminate the device’s overheating and serious battery-draining issues while using the app. Some people on Reddit suggested turning the haptic feedback off on the devices, but as it turns out, that does not do any good as well. People who tried turning the haptics off on their iPhones reported that they did not see any change or improvement in the behavior of the ChatGPT app.

Moreover, there has been no statement from OpenAI about this issue yet. We hope they acknowledge it and fix the problems in the upcoming updates to provide an excellent experience to the users.

For now, the users should stick to the web-based version of ChatGPT until the issues are fixed and the app version is usable.

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