Google Pixel 8 Pro will likely feature an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

The Search Engine Tech Giant released its Pixel 7 series on October 7, including the regular Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. The smartphones arrived this time and got much love from the fans and users, as the pricing set this time is quite aggressive for both models compared with their competitors like Apple and Samsung.

The Digital Chat Station (DCS) earlier confirmed that Google is working on a small-screen flagship smartphone. Further, Kuba Wojciechowski on Twitter shared about the codenames revealed from the source code of the Pixel 7 series, namely, Felix and Lynx, which indicate two different Pixel devices. The ‘Felix’ one has turned out to be the upcoming Google Pixel Fold, which will likely be unveiled next year. Another one, namely, ‘Lynx,’ was predicted to be the new inclusion in the Google Pixel 7 series as the Pixel 7 Mini or the Pixel 7A.

A modified Google Pixel 7 Pro is on the way.

A new report claimed that Google is working on an unknown flagship smartphone, codenamed G10. The 91Mobiles, in collaboration with Kuba Wojciechowski, has exclusively leaked about Google’s high-end unknown flagship codenamed G10 and has speculated that this model number belongs to the Pixel 7 series family. The smartphone is expected to have a modified Pixel 7 Pro, unveiled in a few days.

As the G10 smartphone will be an upcoming modified Pixel 7 Pro, it also hinted at some of the specifications of next year’s Google Pixel 8 series, especially the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Kuba Wojciechowski shared some early specifications about the upcoming Pixel 8 Pro with the modified version of the Pixel 7 Pro.

According to him, the upcoming Pixel 7 Pro is expected to arrive with a new Qualcomm Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. As said earlier, the Pixel 8 Pro will catch up with the technology and feature an Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Many existing Pixel users have reported that their fingerprint scanner sometimes doesn’t work or works slowly because of the Optical Fingerprint scanner. But with the Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner with the Pixel 7 Pro (Modified) and Pixel 8 series, the users will get rid of it.

The Search Engine Tech Giant is not the first to do something extraordinary with its following devices. The other Android OEMs, like Samsung, Vivo, etc., already use the technology with their smartphones.

The benefits of using an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner are as follows:

  • The Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner offers a relatively faster and smoother unlocking experience than the Optical Fingerprint Scanner.
  • It also offers added advantages; if your hands/fingers are wet or oily, you can unlock your device. This is an excellent merit as compared to the other fingerprint readers.

Apart from this, there are no more details about the upcoming Pixel 8 Pro, but it is expected to feature a next-generation Tensor Chipset, i.e., Tensor G3, which Samsung could make. The fast charging support will also get better with the implementations made with the Tensor G3 chip. And we should also expect an upgrade in the performance and efficiency of the system. Regarding the accuracy of the report, we are not sure. You can give no credence to the news.

What are you expecting with the modified version of the Pixel 7 Pro? And what are your expectations for next year’s Pixel 8 series? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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