Google Camera 8.7 is Now Available for Several Pixel Phones

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were launched in October, with some modest improvements from the previous gen. It mainly consisted of software features. They introduced super-res zoom, which uses AI and input from all the sensors to create a fine-tuned and optimized image.

They also introduced sensor crop, which crops into the middle of a high-resolution sensor to give you a full-resolution zoom output that’s nearly lossless and almost as good as an actual telephoto lens.

As always, the most recent Pixel phones come with an updated version of the Google Camera app.

The same was true for the Pixel 7 series, which shipped with Google Camera version 8.7. This version has formerly just been available on the latest phones.

With the new version of the Google Camera app, Pixel 7 series users can now access supplemental methods to use the Macro Focus setting on the Pixel 7 Pro.

The Pixel 6 series owners also recently received this Google Camera 8.7 update, along with the entire list of supported Pixel phones, returning to the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4A.

The update includes nearly the same initial improvements on the Pixel 7. Double tapping the viewfinder allows you to switch between 1X and 2X zoom quickly, and it’s a sensor crop-in mechanism for the Pixel 7 series. It crops into the middle of the sensor to give you a full-resolution output.

Google disabled the Familiar Faces feature in May, but it has returned. Long-pressing the preview of your last photo will not let you choose where you want your images to be saved. You can keep them in a locked folder or your gallery app.

People often complain about a missing feature on Pixels: the inability to adjust the exposure time taken for a night mode shot. It is still missing from the Pixel 6 Pro even after the Google Camera 8.7 update.

This can get annoying since sometimes, you cannot wait and stabilize your phone for how long it wants you to. You have to sometimes capture the moment without spending too long on stabilization. On the Pixel 6 Pro, you still cannot adjust that.

Fortunately, you can adjust night mode exposure time on the Pixel 7 series by tapping the indicator to the right of the zoom slider. Earlier Pixel phones will automatically use a timer for it.

On the Pixel 7 Pro, additional features are added with the latest update to the camera app. To help users capture better Macro shots, Google has introduced a new Macro Focus setting that lets you switch lenses quickly.

The Auto Macro setting automatically switches to Macro Focus (using the ultra wide angle lens) if you go close to a subject. Auto switching was heavily criticized for being too slow and missing out on the natural Bokeh you get from close-up shots taken from the primary sensor. That’s the reason Google has now addressed this issue.

You can find the setting in the drop-down menu that’s in your viewfinder. For some bizarre reason, Google has removed the double tap gesture. Earlier, the gesture could switch between the front and rear cameras. It was removed for the older Pixel models and is no longer available for the Pixel 7 Pro.

Google Camera 8.7 for the Pixel 6 Pro was spotted first, but all the supported Pixel phones dating back to the 2019 Pixel 4A should now have the update in their Google Play Store.

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