Download Galaxy S23 Series Wallpapers in High Resolution

Samsung confirmed their Galaxy Unpacked event would take place on 1st February 2023. The tag is “Epic moments are coming,” The poster features the new rear design for the S23 and S23+.

Reliable leakers like Evan Blas have already posted the entire marketing material for the series. Colour options, official renders and posters, and even pictures of the phone have leaked online.

Through the marketing material, we can make out the wallpapers. We already have the wallpapers for the S23 series, which are extracts from the leaked marketing material.

Update February 1: Samsung Galaxy S23 family is now official. The colour options are black, cream, green and lavender. The company will also sell the Samsung Store exclusive colour variants, which include Graphite, Lime, Sky Blue, and Red.

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Galaxy S23 Series Wallpapers

Currently, we have four official wallpapers from the leaks. Samsung typically uses a different wallpaper for the Ultra model’s marketing.

For example, the S22 and S22+ have a green/ blue abstract aesthetic wallpaper. On the contrary, the S22 Ultra got a foggy green, red, white, and black wallpaper. That does not seem to be the case with the wallpapers for their 2023 lineup of phones.

The S23 series has four wallpapers, all modern and unique-looking. The wallpapers showcase half of a beautifully designed sphere surrounded by artistic fog, and there’s also a gradient effect going on.

Gradients, depth, and shadow have been carefully applied to give the wallpaper some character instead of a flat 2D look. The semi-sphere has an outline that varies in color, and the rest of the wallpaper is pitch black,

There are four colors for these wallpapers. One of them looks like a violet outline with ghostly violet fog, and the rest look similar, with a forest green color, a deep yellow color, and a purple color.

The four colors of S23 series phones will be Botanic Green, Cotton Flower, Misty Lilac, and Phantom Black.

The wallpaper for the Ultra model lacks the same flair it had last year, but there’s still time for Samsung to change up the wallpapers for the marketing material.

The wallpapers look very well thought out. There’s some space on both the top and bottom so that it won’t interfere with the notifications. It also won’t bother your app tray at the bottom.

The middle portion’s design is in such a way that the time, app icons, and all widgets remain visible while also showcasing the wallpaper. This looks much more modern and functional than a highly cluttered mess.

The wallpapers also make good use of AMOLED Blacks by leaving some portions dark. This saves battery since those Pixels are not in use.

The resolution in which you can download the wallpapers is 1750 X 3558. This is sharp and will look good on any screen. To download these wallpapers, click on the below Google Drive links. Each link will take you to the dedicated wallpapers.

The wallpaper’s name here corresponds to the name of the phone’s color in the leaked renders. Thanks to WigettaGaming (Twitter).

1. Botanic Green Wallpaper

s23 Botanic Green Wallpaper

2. Cotton Flower Wallpaper

s23 Cotton Flower Wallpaper

3. Misty Lilac Wallpaper

s23 Misty Lilac Wallpaper

4. Phantom Black Wallpaper

s23 Phantom Black Wallpaper

Once you download the wallpapers, applying them is a reasonably straightforward process. Go to your Gallery app, and choose the wallpaper you want as your Home Screen or Lock Screen wallpaper.

Some UIs allow you to change the wallpaper from the home screen conveniently. The process is slightly different depending on which phone you use.

About Galaxy S23 Series

We already have a good idea of the specifications two weeks before the launch. We know how the phones will look, thanks to leaked high-quality renders.

According to the latest rumors, the S23 and S23+ might be a significant leap forward or another iterative and boring upgrade. Some claim that the S23 and S23+ will have a periscope zoom camera. It’s mostly the 4X periscope used on the S20 Ultra.

If there’s no periscope and they stick to a 3X zoom lens, the upgrade is pretty minor for the Vanilla and S23 Plus models. You get a brighter 1750 Nits screen and a bigger physical battery capacity to finally improve the battery life, which was a significant complaint with the base model.

Battery capacity aside, the TSMC Fabbed Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SOC is based on a hyper-efficient 4nm fabrication process. Additionally, it will be excellent at battery efficiency per watt and thermal management.

Other improvements to the S23 and S23+ are minor, like a design change for the back. They’ll move to a protruding lens design, similar to the S22 Ultra. The S23 Ultra design remains the same as the S22 Ultra.

The upgrades are mainly a new 1/1.3″ ISOCELL HP2 200MP primary sensor, which has a crazy high resolution. Photos will come out sharp and detailed if optimized well.

The 12MP ultra-wide and the 3X and 10X telephotos will mostly stay the same. The front camera might move to a lower resolution 12MP sensor.

All the models will have a 120Hz refresh rate, and only the Ultra will have the 1440P resolution and LTPO technology. However, the S23 and S23+ will stick to a 1080P 120Hz screen, but it will get brighter than last year.

We’ll keep you updated on the Galaxy Unpacked event and whether there’s any further news about the S23 series. You can now enjoy the new wallpapers and give your home screen a fresh look.

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