Galaxy S23 Series Super Fast Charging Not Working: Here’s how to fix it?

Samsung’s flagship phones were never the pinnacle of fast-charging technology. Many companies like Xiaomi and the BBK Group have a variety of methods to achieve triple-digit charging wattages.

Temperature detection and regulation are challenging when charging at a high wattage. It needs extensive cooling systems, and companies need to split the battery into two portions to enable fast charging.

Instead of going through all the hassle to juice up your phone in under 30 minutes, Samsung sticks to more traditional charging speeds.

There’s already a lot of online proof that fast charging does not damage long-term battery health.

The latest S23 lineup, which Samsung announced in February, has many meaningful upgrades.

Unfortunately, we saw zero innovation with charging tech. The S23 Ultra still has objectively slow 45W charging, which can take the phone from zero to 65% in 30 minutes. For a full charge, it’ll take up to an hour.

That’s fast enough for a few users, but everyone will benefit from faster charging speeds. Slow charging is the only major gripe with the S23 series, along with shutter speed & lag issues.

Many S23 Ultra users report fast charging problems on social media platforms like Reddit. Samsung’s fast charging can only reach 25W, while Super Fast Charging can theoretically charge at 45W.

According to these reports, the option to use 45W charging is supposedly missing, and the phone is charging much slower than they saw in the advertisements.

Super fast Charging Option Missing
Super fast Charging Option Missing/ S23 Ultra Settings

People tried using fast-charging bricks from companies like Aukey, but that didn’t work either. The phone still charges slowly. Weirdly, older Samsung phones like the S21 still charge fast with these adapters, but the latest S23 doesn’t.

Other S23 series users report that trying multiple chargers from multiple companies also doesn’t solve the issue. Even if you turn Super Fast Charging on, the phone isn’t charging at 45W and is stuck with 25W.

According to more reports, the S23 went from 0% to 44% in about thirty minutes, while the older S20+ went to 55% in the same time frame despite having a larger battery.

Last year’s S22 Ultra with the same adapter charged fine at 45W, but the S23 Ultra charges much slower. Also, if you buy the S23 Ultra, Samsung didn’t enable the Fast Charging option out of the box. If you leave it on default settings, it will charge slowly.

This is a severe inconvenience since the charging speeds are already slow. Thankfully, there are some solutions to this.

First, you’ll have to go to the Settings app and tap on Battery and Device Care. Then, tap on the Battery submenu. Here, you’ll see an option that says More battery settings. Now, tap on Fast Charging and enable it. Your phone should charge much faster now.

If it still charges slowly, it’s likely because of the USB-C cable you’re using. 45W charging requires a Five Amp cable, which pushes more voltage. You’ll also need Samsung’s 45W adapter, which you don’t get in the box.

The cable in the box of the S23 lineup is a Three-Amp cable. That’s not sufficient for fast charging. If you meet all the requirements and your phone still doesn’t charge fast, it’s probably a software bug that’ll see a fix soon.

If not, you’ll have to visit a service center or talk to customer care and leave product feedback so that Samsung knows the issues.

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