Galaxy S22, S21, A53, A52 and Other Phones are Stuck on July 2022 Play Store Update

Google periodically rolls out Google Play system updates to all supported Android phones. These updates sometimes add features. Play system updates also bring App Optimisation and performance improvements. Stability and bug fixes are other areas of focus. Google Play Protect is an excellent security system for all Android phones.

Play Protect scans all installed third-party apps and checks for malware and trackers. This keeps your phone safe and secure and less prone to viruses. Google Play system updates carry improvements to Play Protect as well.

These Google Play system updates do not require modification from third parties or other Android manufacturers. Google directly rolls out security updates related to Google Play. They often take several weeks to show up on devices. Samsung phones are still on the July version of this patch.

A delay of a few weeks or even up to a month or two is acceptable. But, a delay of several months is concerning. According to several reports across Reddit, Twitter, and Samsung support forums, this is a problem that several people who own Samsung phones are facing.

The problem with security updates does not look like it’s limited to mid-range phones like the Galaxy A52 or Galaxy A53. It’s persistent even on flagships like the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 series. Even some Galaxy Z Flip 4 users are affected. Elementary troubleshooting forms, such as restarting the device, did not help.

stuck July 2022 Play system update

People are considering resetting to factory settings. That won’t be necessary since this minor system update does not impact usability. Some people have an option to restart their devices to install the latest Play Store Build/ Play system update.

Even after restarting, the phones have remained on the July 2022 Build for some unknown reason. Samsung’s updates in 2022 were outstanding, and we expect the same to continue in 2023. However, these problems with the Google Play updates appear to originate after the Android 13 update, which arrived on many midrange and flagship phones.

Samsung support staff are aware of the Google Play update problem. They responded by encouraging users to submit this in product feedback forms. Developers who read those forums will notice this issue and might find an optimal solution soon.

Android Police has reported that their S22 Ultra unit is also stuck on the July patch for Google Play system updates. Their Pixel 7 Pro unit is on the latest November patch.

This is a common issue across several smartphones; it’s unclear whether it’s happening on a larger scale with Samsung phones. It might appear in the Security and Privacy section if you repeatedly check for updates. You might even get a recommendation to install the latest Google Play system update.

However, the new version (November patch) isn’t even available for download after all that. This is a technical glitch that has no pinpoint cause at the moment.

There is a workaround if these security updates matter a lot to you. Main Components is responsible for Google Play security patches. Sideloading the latest version of it from a trusted website like APK Mirror will solve this problem. After downloading and installing the APK, a simple reboot will give you the latest November Patch.

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