Galaxy AI’s Live Translate Call Feature Could Debut on the Galaxy S24 Series

Many companies are implementing AI tools into their products, and Samsung is no different. It’s been leaked that Samsung is taking the leap into the AI world by introducing a new feature called “Galaxy AI” And a language model, “Gauss.”

In a blog post, the company said, “Galaxy AI is a comprehensive mobile AI experience, powered by both on-device AI developed at Samsung and cloud-based AI enabled by our open collaboration with like-minded industry leaders.” They added, “It will transform your everyday mobile experience with the peace of mind you count on from Galaxy security and privacy.”

This new AI software is expected to debut next year. It is supposed to be coming with the company’s flagship Galaxy S24 Series. The company also showed its generative AI model called “Gauss.” The Gauss model has three subcategories. Gauss Language, Gauss Image and Gauss code. This AI model can generate text and images, edit them, and help in coding.

They’re also introducing a new AI Live Translate Call feature. It’s a personalized translation that translates audio and text in real-time and displays it in real-time. It also works during phone calls. Pixels have something similar, but it’s not the same as this. All call data is localized for better privacy and security. None of this will go to a cloud to work. This eliminates concerns about privacy hassles.

 Live Translate Call Feature

Both the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Exynos 2400 have a lot of focus on AI. Earlier, Google’s Tensor chipsets had the framework for better AI features. A lot of the processing is on-device, and it offloads some of it to the cloud. Google has been leading the smartphone AI race for quite some time, but Samsung is making a significant push in 2024, and the new features may finally challenge Google’s lead in AI.

The Exynos had the usual CPU and GPU improvements. However, the primary focus was actually on AI. It has up to 1470% faster AI processing, which is impressive. This means Samsung plans to bring generative AI, image-to-text, and more to its phones. They might market the entire S24 lineup as “AI Phones.”

Samsung is also using AI to enhance its camera capabilities. It has better subject tracking, more framing options, better zoom, and object identification. All AI features will work offline and on-device for better security. The head of R&D claims it’s a new chapter for smartphone AI.

With smartphone sales declining, AI is the potential saving grace for the upcoming S24 lineup. The sales could increase if there are a lot of AI features that beat the competition. Samsung might even lock some features behind a paywall or subscription. You can find more information about these new AI features on Samsung’s official newsroom.

The entire S24 lineup is launching a lot earlier than usual. We expect the launch event in mid-January and the launch soon after. There are many potential reasons for this. We don’t know how the Exynos 2400 fares against the AI capabilities of the 8 Gen 3. The S24 Ultra will use the 8 Gen 3 worldwide, but the S24 and S24 Plus chipsets will differ depending on your region. They should perform similarly.

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