Apple will Not Launch a 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon

The iMac is an all-in-one computer from Apple. It’s not just a monitor; it includes a chip, motherboard, and all the components you need to run a full-fledged desktop PC. You get the Magic Mouse, the Magic Keyboard, the iMac itself, the power adapter- all you need to run it.

Apple has directly communicated to The Verge (via a PR representative, Starlayne Meza) that they have no plans of making a 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon. This is not typically how Apple operates, so we can assume that the sales of iMacs and the sales for the Mac family in general are currently low.

To boost sales of the existing 24-inch iMac with the M3 chip, Apple has probably decided to communicate that there’s no point in waiting for a larger iMac. Many people who buy larger iMacs are probably hoping for a refresh for the 27-inch model, but that’s unfortunately canceled.

There was once a time when Apple used to offer multiple sizes of the iMac. Until the transition to the M1 Apple Silicon chip in 2021, there was a small 21.5-inch size and a larger 27-inch size. Since the redesign with Apple Silicon, the only size available was a middle ground between the two, at 24 inches.

The iMac with the M1 chip was a major redesign. The redesign was extremely thin at 11.5mm, and the display was upgraded too. It’s now a 4.5K LCD 60Hz panel with 500 Nits of peak brightness. The latest 24-inch iMac that they announced at the Scary Fast event a few days ago just got the M3 chip, and there’s no other difference between that and the M1 version.

This is disappointing news to many people since the 27-inch model was Apple’s flagship all-in-one model. There’s no replacement coming for the 27-inch model. We don’t have any information on whether they’ll launch a smaller 21.5″ version again. However, we don’t expect it to happen since the 24″ model and that are too close in size.

The PR representative says people can consider the Mac Studio, Mac Mini, and the Studio Display. They have larger 27-inch screens. For those who want a powerful all-in-one, the 24″ does not provide the best chipset from Apple. The iMac Pro, an all-in-one desktop alternative to the Mac Pro, wasn’t updated with a powerful new Apple Silicon chip either.

Apple is shifting away from power users with the new iMac. They just want to sell to a wider mainstream audience. You can’t use discrete GPUs anymore. The port collection and the lack of an SD card slot make this a weird option for pro-consumers and power users. The all-in-one desktop market is now a very tiny niche, regardless. Many people buy laptops a lot more, and they sell way more than iMacs. Apple doesn’t have good reason to pay too much attention to the iMac line anymore.

There were plenty of rumors before about a larger 32-inch iMac, which may suit power users better. However, there are no updates, and it’s unclear whether it’ll launch anytime soon. We don’t recommend holding out hope for this model. However, reports say it might have a Mini LED screen. There are also rumors of an iMac Pro with a 32-inch display. Both of these might launch in 2024 or 2025.

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