Apple releases WatchOS 9.1 public beta 4; know the changes here

The tech giant held a massive event last month on September 7. The event included the launch of the new iPhone 14 series, the Apple Watch Series 8, the Second-generation Apple Watch SE, and the Apple Watch Ultra. The user interface on which the iPhones and Watches rely are iOS and WatchOS, respectively, announced later on September 12.

The new WatchOS announced this time is the WatchOS 9.0, which arrived with many features inbuilt. The WatchOS 9 (Codenamed 20R361) has many new exciting features that will take your fitness life to the next level. It brings out exciting features like the new medication app. The workout application is now available with new features, detailed information about your sleep, more precise heart rate, and new watch faces with more personalized features. Also, the display now provides more in-depth details on your fitness works; you can customize your workouts, unique dynamic pacing, race route, running analytics and power, Multi-sport mode, portrait face, enhancement, family setup, Lunar face, kickboard, deep sleep analytics, improved heart rate zones, etc.

Despite the features, the first point update of WatchOS 9, named WatchOS 9.1, has fixed a major bug preventing the Spotify streaming service from working correctly. The WatchOS 9.1 build is currently in the beta phase.

WatchOS 9.1 Beta Builds

The first beta of the WatchOS 9.1 was released on September 14. Following it up, the second one arrived on September 20. The recent one came on September 27 and was the third developer beta. And now Apple has released the fourth beta program of WatchOS 9.1 for developer testing. The build number of the released beta is 20S5063c, replacing 20S5055e.

The watchOS 9.1 beta 4 update is also available for public beta users.

However, the new beta release doesn’t offer any further changes to the user interface or any new features added. It seems like an update, a fix to the available bugs and issues users are undergoing—also, some minor improvements to the user interface of the Watches.

If you are adventurous enough to test out the newly released beta program, you can download the latest build by participating in beta testing programs, following the Apple Developer Center. The public beta of watchOS 9.1 is also available for the public. You can enroll in beta testing programs through the Apple Beta Software Program site.

How to participate in the Apple Beta Software Program?

  • As a member of the Apple Beta Software Program, you can enroll your devices to access the public betas and try out the latest features.
  • You can provide feedback directly to Apple using the Feedback Assistant app.

Apple has strongly suggested not to try or install the beta software programs on your important primary device because they are more prone to disastrous bugs. And there is a high probability of losing the data of your device. Apple recommends trying the beta software and operating systems on a secondary device only after taking backups of their critical data.

We at DealNTech also recommend and advise you the same. After installing the beta programs, you should know the post-facing bugs and vulnerabilities. You should always keep a backup of your essential data, which may get lost because of the update.

And, if you have tried the WatchOS 9.1, let us know your feedback in the comments section about the update.

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