Samsung may launch rollable phone 2025

When will Samsung Launch its First Rollable Phone?

The long-term goal of foldable phones is to eliminate the need for tablets. A large portable screen when unfolded, and a regular smartphone when folded- that’s the end. However, there’s a possibility that just folding a screen might not support the aim of a large tablet in your pocket.

A better way to handle this is probably with rollable phones. If you have an OLED display that’s flexible enough to fold, you can roll it and expand it into a proper tablet size.

This will significantly boost your multimedia and experience. It’ll also act as an excellent laptop replacement on the fly. Your productivity is already better on open-book-style foldable phones since they have a much larger area for multitasking.

Samsung has pioneered mainstream foldable phones so far. While other companies make foldable phones, they aren’t as good in the software refinement department. Samsung’s software processing for the cameras is also excellent. Other companies have better overall hardware, but Samsung maintains its lead in global foldable sales thanks to durability, after-sales, and availability.

z fold lineup
Image Credit: Samsung

We saw the launch of the first Galaxy Z Fold in 2019, and it was a very rough phase. The phone had many durability issues and went through a round of recalls. Later on, the Fold 2 made things much better. The current iteration, the Z Fold 5, is a famous productivity powerhouse even among the mainstream audience.

The retail price of the Z Fold 4 and 5 is also lower than the Fold 3 since the price of components drops over time. Samsung doesn’t make major changes to its foldable design, but they implement it well when they make changes. A recent example is the waterdrop-style hinge mechanism on the latest Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 5.

Samsung’s rollable phone: The wait is almost over?

  • Samsung’s first rollable phone may launch in 2025.

According to a report from Revegnus on X, Samsung is planning to enter a new category of smartphones. And that’s rollable phones. The leaker says that Samsung will begin mass production of rollable phones in 2025.

The phone will come with an under-display front camera, which will be much better than what we have on the current generation foldable phone. The leak also mentions zero bezels, so they’re heavily investing in Research and development to make the display’s borders look as thin as possible.

Rollable Flex

The photo shows an image of the apparent Galaxy Rollable Flex. This is probably not the final name, and we aren’t sure. It shows a phone expanding into a larger display with a large holder at the bottom. This is probably the place where the display components are. This is mostly an image of a prototype model. So, the final version could look very different.

There are currently no smartphones selling with rollable displays on the market. At SID Display Week 2023, Samsung showcased its 12.4 inches rollable flex display. It uses a motorized mechanism to achieve this.

Rollable Flex

We can’t say rollable phones are better in every way than the current open-book style foldable phones. Rollable phones will supposedly have the motor as the failure point, just like the crease for current-generation foldable phones. At the same time, the display material is OLED (since it can fold and is very flexible), and other information, like resolution, is unknown.

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