Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 Prototypes on the Way

It has been a few months since Samsung launched their 5th generation foldables — the book-style foldable Galaxy Fold 5 and the clamshell-type foldable Galaxy Flip 5. This year’s upgrades were insignificant, especially on the Galaxy Fold 5, which only got a better crease mechanism.

The Flip 5 got a new cover screen in addition to the better crease mechanism, and that is pretty much it. However, it seems like the next-generation foldables of Samsung have entered the development stage.

An X (formerly Twitter) user has revealed that Samsung may start producing the Galaxy Fold 6 and the Galaxy Flip 6 prototypes soon. If things go according to plans, we can expect them by the end of this year or early next year at the latest. These will be multiple in number so that Samsung can test them and narrow down the better ones. However, no prototype has been confirmed as of yet.

prototypes soon

The user further claims that we will see the actual working prototypes of these foldable devices by May next year. The most refined one of these prototypes will enter mass production. Following that, we will likely get to see the launch of these foldables by the end of July next year.

Samsung, like most other companies, tests prototypes under various stages. Once they are sure that the product has matured, they start mass production soon. This way, the final product that reaches the masses guarantees a good user experience. The same goes for the Galaxy Fold 6 and the Galaxy Flip 6.

Besides this, there is very little rumored or leaked information about these upcoming two foldables from Samsung. They will be launched at the second Unpacked event of 2024. The dates of the event are not out yet. However, judging by the ongoing trend, we can expect it to take place around late July.

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