Galaxy Tab S9 FE and FE Plus: Everything We Know So Far

The South Korean Tech Giant unveiled their Galaxy Tab S9 series on August 11 in their recently held Galaxy Unpacked event. The series comprises the regular Galaxy Tab S9, Tab S9+, and the premium Tab S9 Ultra. After the standard variants, the company plans to introduce the Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablets.

Samsung’s “Fan Edition” targets the audience craving their premium offerings cost-effectively. The FE models complete the enthusiast’s requirements and let them enjoy the ecosystem. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE was the last midrange tablet offered by the company. It was released in 2021, followed by the S21 FE launch in January 2022.

However, it is unclear when Samsung will unveil the upcoming Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablets. By the way, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE and FE Plus are the two models accidentally revealed by the company. To all those interested, connect with us until the end, as we will discuss the release dates and price predictions of the upcoming tabs in this article. Without wasting time, let’s get started.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Series: Release Window

  • The Galaxy Tab S9 FE series will likely be unveiled in the upcoming ‘Galaxy Unpacked Event’ in October 2023.

The rumors and leaks about the product release date started a while ago. Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) CEO Ross Young declared that “S9 FE production is two months behind the S9 Series.”

According to Max Jambor, they generally considered a reliable source, Samsung plans to host a product launch event sometime in the fourth quarter of 2023. The event will focus on new “Fan Edition” smartphone models and Internet of Things devices.

fe launch

Considering this and after performing the calculations, we can estimate the launch of the tablets. They will likely launch two months later than the Galaxy Tab S9 series. We can expect the launch around October 2023 if the sources are correct. The company will probably release them with the upcoming Galaxy S23 FE, reported to launch in the possible Galaxy Unpacked Event.

The Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus was spotted on FCC Certification this month. The certification revealed that the device will likely be shipping in Wi-Fi and 5G models. It isn’t an astonishing moment as the predecessor (S7 FE) had arrived with 5G capabilities.

Considering this, the standard variant (Galaxy Tab S9 FE) will likely be a 4G tablet as the recently added vanilla Tab S9. Additionally, the company maintains the 5G-enabled tablets for their 12.4-inch tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Series: Expected Specifications

Per the previous leaks, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE and Tab S9 FE Plus will use an Exynos 1380 SoC. The Galaxy A54 5G is also available with the same chipset. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE has 4GB RAM as the base; however, we expect 6GB or 8GB at a noticeable price increment.

Like the Galaxy Tab S9 series, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE will likely have a 60Hz LCD panel. However, we can expect an AMOLED display in the plus variant. The company will probably reserve 120Hz AMOLED panels for their ultimate premium tablets. So, the display specifications may remain the same as the previous model.

We don’t know the actual battery capacity and charging speeds. However, the FCC Certification revealed that one of the variants will have 45W charging support identical to the predecessor. Let’s wait for some time, and we will probably have the specs sheet revealing the upcoming FE tablet’s specifications. Also, this post emphasizes more about the release date and expected pricing.

tab s9 fe render
Galaxy Tab S9 FE Leaked Render | Mediapeanut

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Series: Price Prediction

  • The Galaxy Tab S9 FE will likely cost around $599 for the base configuration. The Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus will likely cost $699 for the base configuration.

The media and internet are yet to be filled with expected or leaked prices. Considering Samsung’s pricing history and previous products, we can only estimate here. For reference, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE was launched for $530 for 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage options. Likewise, the 6GB and 128GB variant was priced at $600, and the 8GB and 256GB variant was priced at $680.

Considering this pricing factor and the similar specifications except for the display (which can be 12.4 inches), the Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus can cost approximately identical. The expected pricing for the base model (expecting 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage) can be $699 if the specifications are similar to the predecessor.

Speaking of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE, it is apparent that it will start with a comparatively lesser pricing. Comparing the Galaxy Tab S9 and Tab S9 Plus price difference, we can also speculate the same distinction for the FE variants.

However, the estimated pricing for the Galaxy Tab S9 FE is around $599, as per the leaked specifications. Keep an eye around, as we will update the article if we receive the nearly actual prices.

What do you expect from the upcoming Galaxy Tab S9 FE series? What price-to-performance ratio do you expect? Let us know in the comments section below. We will keep updating the post based on the latest developments, so ensure you are connected with us.

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