Apple Watch X: Everything We Know So Far

Apple took their first steps into the space of smartwatches back in 2014. And as of now, they are often regarded as the best in the market. The sturdy build, fluidity, integration with iPhones, etc., make it suitable for that tag.

Last year, Apple upped its game of smartwatches with the Apple Watch Ultra. They also launched the Apple Watch Series 8 alongside it, which went a bit away from the limelight due to being overshadowed by the Watch Ultra. But it seems Apple will soon bring major upgrades to the classic Apple Watch, too.

Apple Watch X to Bring Major Upgrades

In contrast to the Apple Watch Series 9, which will reportedly be a minor upgrade, the 10th generation Apple Watch will be a major one. For starters, and something that is not an upgrade, it may get the iconic ‘X’ branding that the iPhone X has. Let us dive more into detail about what upgrades and changes will likely be in the Apple Watch X.

apple watch ultra
Image: Apple Watch Ultra

1. MicroLED Display

Smartwatches are more about their display than anything else. According to Ross Young, the Apple Watch X may finally get the long-awaited microLED panel. The microLED technology is developed by Apple and is considered better than OLED panels currently used in the Apple Watches.

MicroLED Display

2. Better Design and Build Quality

We expect smartwatches to be strongly built. This is because they are usually exposed to more damaging factors than, let us say, smartphones. Apple Watches are known to be sturdy, and the Apple Watch X will likely improve even more. Mark Gurman published a report stating that.

The case is going to be thinner. The way the straps are attached to the main body of the Apple Watch will also supposedly change. This would result in more space in the Apple Watch, with the overall volume still being similar. And that could mean anything ranging from a bigger battery to some other components getting added or increased in size.

As for the strap, Gurman said Apple is actively working on a new magnetic mechanism for the band attachment. We may not see it in the Apple Watch X, but we can be hopeful.

3. New Health Features

In the same report by Mark Gurman, he mentioned that the Apple Watch X will also feature a blood pressure monitor. This technology has been in the talks over the past couple of years. But, it never made it to any of the Apple Watches released since then. It will not be as accurate and effective as devices designed to do the same. But it will be nice to have it on a smartwatch.

4. Miscellaneous

Apart from the upgrades above, there will also be generic ones. These include a new chip, better performance, the latest connectivity standards, software, and more. These will align with whatever is the latest at the time of launch.

How Much Will the Apple Watch X Cost?

  • Apple Watch X will likely be more expensive than the current Apple Watch Series 8 models. The Apple Watch Series 8 starts at $399. If the Apple Watch X is a major redesign, then it is possible that it could start at around $499 or more.

Now, this is an interesting debate. Before we discuss the price, it is also essential to discuss what the device will be. There are two possibilities for this. The first one is that the Apple Watch X could be the successor to the Apple Watch Series 9, which is set to launch in a few weeks. If that happens to be the case, we can expect a similar price or a slight price bump due to all the upgrades.

The other one will lie somewhere between the classic Apple Watch series and the Apple Watch Ultra. That is also likely since Apple did the same thing with the iPhone X. However, higher-end models were launched after it.

In either case, a reasonable guess would be anything around $499 or more. Many things become a factor in the price, including inflation and upgrades.

When Will the Apple Watch X Be Released?

  • The Apple Watch X is expected to be released in either 2024 or 2025 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch X marks the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch lineup. And considering the reported upgrades, Apple seems to have prepared well to make it iconic. That leaves us with the question — when will we see it? Let us go back in time to answer that question.

The first Apple Watch came out in 2015. But it was announced a year back in 2014. It only started getting shipped the following year. So, we see how the answer to our question is not entirely straightforward. Whether Apple decides to make 2024 the tenth anniversary or 2025 is up to them. But 2024 seems the most likely outcome since it aligns with the Apple Watch lineup’s yearly refresh.

But then again, some things cannot be predicted this early. We might see a delay if there are supply chain issues or some technology is not developed properly. In that case, 2025 becomes the more possible time. And all the existing reports revolve around the launch sometime in these two years only.

Before we wrap up this article, it is essential to note that all the information provided is solely based on leaks and rumors, albeit from reliable sources. Apple has confirmed none of this. That being said, the actual final product could vary slightly, or it could be the same. Only time will tell.

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