Dynamic Island on Android? A Developer Added the Feature on a Xiaomi Phone

With the recently unveiled iPhone 14 series on 7th September 2022, Apple also released their bizarre and marvelous feature on the Pro models, having the pill-shaped notch known as Dynamic Island. 

According to the information provided by Apple, Dynamic Island enables new ways to interact with the iPhone, featuring a design that includes a combination of hardware and software, adapting in real-time to show important alerts, notifications, and activities. With the implementation and the introduction of Dynamic Island, the front-facing camera or the TrueDepth camera in the pill-shaped notch has been redesigned to take up less of the display area, avoid less distraction to the content consumption, and allow a more beautiful representation. 


Dynamic Island is the feature that builds up the remarkable implementation of both hardware and software on the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max variants. It shows all the information about the running applications in a minute-byte size format. It includes exciting features like multitasking- shortcuts, music playing, ongoing calls, etc. 

However, the day is not so far when the other Android OEMs may create something similar to it. And we may witness the Dynamic Island feature on the Android realm. In fact, in a recently released video clip by Vaibhav Jain (TechDroider) on Twitter, we can already see the Dynamic Island-like notifications enforced on a Xiaomi Phone.

Jain tweeted, “Dynamic Island Style Notifications / Now Playing On Xiaomi MIUI. MI Theme Developers never disappoint.” Further, in the same tweet, he mentioned the theme’s name as ‘Grumpy UI,’ where every detail was mentioned in Chinese. 

Jain tweeted, “Developer told me the Dynamic Island Theme Update is still under review, so if Xiaomi approves it, it will be a line on Theme Store. FYI, Xiaomi removed the last Dynamic Island style theme by Sugertheme.” If Xiaomi consents to the developed theme, it may soon be available in the MIUI Theme Store. 

Xiaomi and other Android smartphone manufacturing companies might look into the same and build something similar to a Dynamic Island feature on their respective devices soon. But we don’t know how refined it would be as it is on iPhones. 

A Chinese application called Smart Bird has also surfaced online. The Smart Bird app brings Apple’s Dynamic Island to Android phones. Currently, the app is entirely Chinese and unavailable on the Google Play Store. Vaibhav Jain tested the app and shared a video on how to get Dynamic Island on Android.

However, Vaibhav Jain said users to proceed with the download “at your own risk.” It should be noted that the features of the Smart Bird app are limited at present; the Island appears only in two certain conditions: (1) When you connect the smartphone to the charger and (2) When you pair Bluetooth headphones.

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