Increased Buffering on YouTube

YouTube Video Buffering Issue Affects Some Users

If someone asks you what your go-to online video-watching service is, you will more than likely say YouTube. It is the ultimate source of billions of people for entertainment and information, all in one place. And it is pretty safe to say that it has flourished very well over the almost two decades it has been in existence.

However, while all of that remains true, there are times when the platform becomes troublesome to use. This issue is even more amplified due to YouTube’s monopoly in its field. The past few days have been one of those times, and we will know why in this article.

Excessive buffering faced by users while watching YouTube videos:

Some Reddit users have recently noticed that YouTube videos have started to buffer much more than usual. Interestingly, this issue exists only on the mobile app; the web version of YouTube seems to be working fine for some, as a user pointed out.

On the other hand, even the web version is buggy for some people, as another user reports. This indicates that the issue is random, but the web version seems less plagued by it.

What is even more interesting is that even the Revanced YouTube application has this bug, in addition to the regular YouTube app, as stated by a user. All of this has rendered the platform quite tricky to use for many people, which is very frustrating,

How do we fix this issue?

Users have tried checking their network connections, uninstalling extensions on browsers, switching to other browsers, and several other troubleshooting methods. But none of that seems to be working. Even downgrading the resolution of the video has turned out to be useless in most cases.

YouTube has acknowledged the issue and said in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that they are currently looking into it.

Meanwhile, some users have come up with workarounds. One user mentioned that replacing the ‘www’ part of the URL of any video with ‘ca’ seems to work for them.

Unfortunately, for mobile app users, this solution applies only to the web version since you can’t edit the URL on the mobile app.

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